August 06, 2005

מידה כנגד מידה

Tributes pour into the UK over the death of ex-foreign secretary Robin Cook. Undoubtedly he was a great parliamentarian and his courageous resignation on a point of principle (however misguided) is something from which Israeli ministers could learn a lot. But as a foreign secretary he was a disaster. His major gaffe over Kashmir caused extreme embarrrassment for the Queen's 1997 state visit to India. Six months later he caused equal embarrassment to Tony Blair and gross offence on his official visit to Israel. Departing from an agreed schedule, he went out of his way to meet and grandstand Palestinian activists at the Har Homa construction site. Our people shall not miss Cookie. He openly supported terrorist leaders committed to the destruction of Israel. In opposing the invasion of Iraq, he seemed content to allow Saddam to continue tossing live citizens into tree shredders. He first stumbled at Har Homa but finally fell on another mountain in the Scottish highlands.
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