February 01, 2006

Beating our Entebbe Heroes

In 1988 Yitzchak Rabin – disciple of Ben Gurion - instructed the IDF to break the bones of rioting Arabs in Samaria. They were reluctant to obey his orders.

Today, Ehud Olmert – disciple of Jabotinsky – allowed the IDF to do the same to Jews in the tiny settlement of Amona. And his police chief Moshe Karadi went about it with gusto.

This is what Olmert’s storm troopers did to Effie Eitam: Father of 8 children, Member of Parliament, three-time minister, member of the Knesset foreign affairs and defence committee, Brigadier-General in the IDF, decorated war hero of the Lebanon campaign, and one of the elite squad of commandos who freed the Entebbe hostages.

This is what Effie once said about the Entebbe rescue mission:

‘I told them that the trapped Jews in Entebbe were the most far-off and isolated settlement that could possibly be – a settlement 8,000 kilometres away... but the Israeli Defence Force proved that it was possible to protect settlements even in Entebbe – if there is the desire, if there is the willingness to be daring, and if there is the proper understanding of what is the true destiny of the state of Israel.’

Golda Meir once said that there could only be peace when the Arabs loved their children as much as they hated the Jews.

Well, I say that the future of Israel will only be secure when our government treats its own citizens as well as it treats those who seek to destroy them.

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