April 11, 2006

Beyond Our Ken

He called Sharon a war criminal and Israel a pariah state. He says orthodox Jews infest Jerusalem and that Israel might be ready to commit mass suicide by detonating an atomic bomb. He calls for an arms embargo against Israel and says sanctions against the Jewish State might be as successful as they were against apartheid South Africa. Not surprisingly he depends on a substantially Muslim vote for re-election.

No, it’s not Ken Livingstone.

I give you British and Jewish MP, Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman who, on the day Iran announced the nuclear capability to make good on its promise to wipe the Jewish state off the map, demands sanctions against Israel over the deaths of two Britons doing their bit for Palestine in a war zone they thought was some kind of Disneyland.

Why such a nobody should have been knighted by the Queen in 2004 is a mystery. It’s hardly an honour he could have paid for judging by his entries in the Parliamentary Register of Members Interests. Moreover, I doubt his paid trips to Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are for family barmitzvahs. If he grew a beard and sidelocks he could earn a better living as chairman of the Neturei Karta.

All this proves once again that, however much we may complain about creeps like Ken Livingstone, we can always count on our own people to outdo them.
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