July 16, 2006

Beyond Belief

I have lost count of the hyperbolic terms Olmert has used to describe each progressively more serious attack on the citizens and country he is sworn to protect.

First there was a serious escalation, then a very serious escalation and then a line had been crossed, followed by a line that should never have been crossed. Then the threatened retaliation was to be serious, then very serious and then very,very, very serious.

Wow ... three very's! How that must frighten Mr Nasrallah.

Then Olmert keeps assuring the Arabs that he does not plan to reoccupy South Lebanon any more than he intends to do so in Gaza. Since Iran has unlimited rocket launchers to ship into Lebanon and it takes all of half an hour to set one up, are Olmert and Chalutz intending to target them singly with daily air sorties for the next 12 months? This is absurd.

One gets an impression of total unpreparedness and confusion. No clear gameplan and the wastage of precious time during which the world seems to be tolerating Israel's defensive actions. That won't last the week, you can be sure.

But in the face of all this apparent confusion,comes this quote from the defence minister who was charged with executing Sharon's disengagement from Gaza:

Mofaz also said that the government had been aware of most of Hizbullah's capabilities.
"Most of what is happening to us now was expected [in the event of a conflict with Hizbullah]," he concluded.

Can you believe ANYTHING this Kadima government has to say?
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