September 04, 2009


Israel’s excremental self-haters’ journal, Ha’aretz, has printed this piece on Jerusalem by its star writer Yossi Sarid.

Sarid was one of the founders of the now defunct Meretz party. Prior to that he partnered leftist Shulamith Aloni in a party called "Ratz". How apt.

Here is what Sarid says about Jerusalem:

Thank God I no longer live there.
How terrible that place is.
I think that for me, it is lost.

The atmosphere of Jerusalem makes me ill.
I worked there for almost 40 years, and at the end of the work day,
I preferred to drive to Tel Aviv - a drive that would help me breathe.
In the holy city, I felt choked and oppressed.

Is Jerusalem too holy for human beings to inhabit?

I'm sure there must be an especially hot place reserved in the next world for those who speak ill of Jerusalem.

If the atmosphere of Jerusalem makes Sarid ill, he really needs to spend more time there.



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