December 06, 2009

Does this General have 'true grit' ?

This is General Stanley McChrystal.

The soldier Barack Obama personally selected to advise him on the military situation in Afghanistan.

He has suffered the indignity of waiting 3 months while his boss second-guessed his clear recommendations to provide a surge of 40,000 reinforcements. (A figure already cut down from an original estimate of 60,000.)

He has seen his minimum requirements cut down by a quarter.

On top of this, he has seen the utter lunacy of a withdrawal date being notified to the enemy.

All of which means that the soldiers in his care and command will be short on reinforcements and short on morale.

The kind of morale that is stirred by the clear rallying cry of 'victory'.

That is a word which never made it to their commander-in-chief's teleprompter.

So – my question is this:

Does General McCrystal have the courage to speak up for his troops?

Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for them?

And resign in protest ?


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