May 10, 2010

Value Added Tax

Americans face crippling taxes to bail out their busted banks and auto companies, and to continue funding the global fraud of "climate change".

Europeans face crippling taxes to bail out Greek wastrels and prop up a Euro currency which countries falsified accounts to join.

The auditors' refusal to sign off the European Union's accounts is now in its FIFTEENTH year.

Israeli taxpayers also face hardships.

Their taxes going up too.

But not to pay for past greed or to fund ongoing fraud.

It is to make them self-sufficient in water supplies for generations to come.

Billions of shekels are needed to connect the desalination plants popping up along the coast to the national water carrier and to integrate them properly into the system.

In return for their tax hikes, by 2013 Israelis will see 600 million cubic meters of desalinated water being produced for their needs.

No other country in the world has such an ambitious desalination program.

I'll drink to that !

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