June 01, 2010

A Shipload of Useful Idiots

Here is some of the 'humanitarian cargo' brought along by the thugs who infiltrated the flotilla of demonstrators which had hoped to dock at Gaza  ....

Do these useful idiots - many from Britain - not know that the people of Gaza are probably better off than they are?  All their electricity and power is piped in from Israel - even under Hamas rocket fire. All their essential supplies of foodstuffs and medicines are trucked in by Israel - despite the suicide bombers who regularly infiltrate the checkpoints. Whatever they do not get from Israel is brought in through any one of over 1,000 tunnels dug under the border with Egypt, some of which are big enough to run cars through.

Gaza shops are well stocked as are their fancy restaurants, as this article by Tom Gross reveals. (Follow some of the links to see all kinds of interesting pics ... such as Tony Blair's sister-in-law enjoying her Gaza holiday on the last flotilla.)

Beyond what Israel supplies, there are the hundreds of millions of dollars dispensed by the US, EU in aid.  Even the oil-rich Arab cousins send the occasional handful of small change.

If these useful British idiots ever took the time to research their chosen subject, they would realise that the plight of Gazans has little to do with Israel and everything to do with the Iranian terror command which has taken over their homes and their lives.  Iran's Hamas proxies in Gaza combined with its Hezbullah proxies in Lebanon and Syria have amassed a total of over 50,000 rockets and missiles, all of which are targeted against Israel. No other country on earth faces this - or ever has.

It seems inevitable that these missiles will be launched at some time, and if the previous tactics of Hamas and Hezbulla are repeated, they will most likely be launched from schoolyards and hospital carparks.  This will only give rise to the most devastating reprisals from a nation determined to protect the survivors of its last holocaust.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh - whose command post during the Gaza war was located in the basement of Shifa Hospital - claims that today's events at sea 'represent a great victory'.  For such jihadists, all loss of life is cause for great celebration.  Not long ago Haniyeh's people were throwing Gazans off rooftops of highrise buildings in Gaza City.

So, you have to wonder: why do civilised Europeans - even the useful idiots among them - support such bloodthirsty killers, kidnappers of journalists, beheaders of hostages, and abusers of women? It totally defies logic that the target of their hatred should be the only democracy in the entire region and the only one which affords complete freedom of worship to all religions and more human rights and women's rights than exist in any Arab country.

So, why do normal and civilised people side with such barbarians?

The answer is fear.
Pure and simple - fear.

It dates back to the creation of the Palestinian story, which began in the 1960's and was brought to everyone's attention by the first hijackings and other acts of international terrorism for which Arafat, Al-Fatah, Black September and the PFLP became famous.

From  those early days and up to this day, the reaction of European leaders has been total capitulation.  'We will free your hijackers and even send you millions in aid ... so long as we don't hear from you again.'
Germany went as far as faking a hijacking of its own Lufthansa plane in order to stage the release of the PLO's Munich Oympic killers.

In truth, this is not much different to the classic 'protection racket' of the kind Al Capone ran in Chicago. 'We will terrorise you and your businesses unless you pay us off in money and political support. Stay on our page and your cities will be safe.'

The useful idiots have nothing to fear but fear itself.

By the scenes filmed this afternoon on London's streets, I think they should be more worried about what's become of Britain than what might become of Gaza.


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