November 21, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

The lunacy of Obama's foreign and defence policy seems to know no bounds.

Up to now he's been bowing to dictators, "engaging" Iran's nuclear mullahs whilst ignoring their torture and repression of opposition groups, rehabilitating Syria, abandoning Lebanon to Hezbullah and has given the Taliban plenty of advance notice of US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

To cap this, he's now invited Russia to participate in the European missile defence shield project for which early warning radars stationed in Turkey are to be put under the command of the Turkish  government.
There's no other word for this but lunacy.

The United States is prepared to put Iran's ally - Turkey - in charge of the early warning system designed to protect Europe from attack by Iran.

In contrast the US refuses its closest ally - Israel - any control of the X-Band radar deployed by Bush II in the Negev desert.


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