December 30, 2010

Katsav: A story of Backslapping & Backstabbing

The left-wing media in Israel can hardly contain its glee at ex-president Katsav’s conviction for rape. “A triumph for democracy and the rule of law!”

What’s more, the Arab and Islamic media have been running the story nonstop as a means of vilifying the Zionist entity.

What seems to have gone largely unreported amid the bullet-spitting verdict of Judge George Kara is the fact that he is an Israeli Arab.

Name me one Arab or Islamic country in which a Jew will ever be able to sit in judgment on a Muslim – let alone its highest official.

The glow of that single fact means more than democracy or the rule of law over which the establishment congratulates itself.

My previous postings on Katsav are here and here.

I have two predictions.

Supreme Court
One, that (unless he becomes overcome with depression and does himself some harm) Katsav will appeal and eventually be exonerated of rape, for which no evidence was presented. It was simply that the lesser - provable - charges of sexual harassment were beyond the statute of limitations … hence the earlier plea-bargain offer by the prosecution.

Two, that Judge Kara will quickly be parachuted into the Supreme Court by a grateful President Shimon Peres and with the support of an adoring left wing establishment.


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