March 21, 2011

It figures ...

Whilst this morning's front page seems to bear out my thoughts in yesterday's blog, here is the Daily Mail's report inside, under the headline:

Tornado Top Guns' 3,000-mile mission to hammer tyrant's military machine 

"It was a mammoth raid, the longest single operation by the RAF since the Falklands War. The heroic Tornado GR4 crews flew an eight-hour, 3,000-mile mission to blitz Colonel Gaddafi’s air defences. They had roared from the runway at RAF Marham on Saturday evening for their daring sortie."

Top Guns, hammering,mammoth, blitz, roared ... daring sortie?
Why waste Tomahawk missiles at $1m a time, when you can win wars with cheap hyperbole?
Gimme a break.
It's a turkey shoot!

British citizens will now be lulled into a false sense of security that their defence establishment, so depleted by profligate spending on unemployment and housing benefits for millions of immigrants and asylum seekers, can still take on all comers.

Heaven help us when the country is faced with a REAL military threat.


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