March 15, 2011

A Tsunami of good cheer for Ahmadinejad

No-one has benefitted more from the upheaval of recent days and weeks than Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his junta of mullahs.

He has reaped the benefits of the revolts in Arabia without paying any cost.

The fall of Mubarak gave him free access to arm Hamas with even more deadly weapons in Gaza. And now, with open access through Suez, he’s created a new Mediterranean naval base in Syria to assist his genocidal intentions against the Jewish state.

Then, just as the freedom fighters threatened to take hold in Teheran, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami came in just on cue. With the world’s attention riveted to the scenes of devastation, the street demonstrators lost their media spotlight and the fight has gone out of them. That same diversion has enabled Gadaffi to wipe out the Libyan resistance with impunity.

Both events have forced up oil prices and boosted the profits Iran can invest in nuclear missiles and its worldwide network of terror and incitement.

But the biggest prize of all for Teheran’s junta has been the nuclear meltdown on Japan’s coast. As the world holds its breath in fear of direct and indirect contamination of people, livestock and food supplies Ahmadinejad simply smiles with a sigh of relief.

He knows that his own nuclear infrastructure is now completely safe from any threat of an Israeli strike.

After all, which Israeli leader could possibly contemplate such a risky strategy after the events of this week?

No more Mubarak, gas supplies cut off from Egypt, Iran’s navy just up the coast, and no military solution to their nuclear threat … these are hard times for the Jewish state.

In the spirit of Purim and its Persian narrative, let us be worthy of new miracles and deliverance for our people, just as in those days so in ours.



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