August 24, 2011

Israel has no truer friend ...

 I'm delighted to have been here in Jerusalem for Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Courage' events.

Apart from being the greatest phenomenon in cable news, and champion of the rights and freedoms endowed by America's founding fathers, he is probably the most vocal and sincere non-Jewish advocate for Israel in the media today.

Sunday's event in Caesaria was a resounding success with powerful speeches by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and US Pastor John Hagee who invoked JFK's Berlin speech to rouse the mainly Christian crowd of thousands to chant: "I am an Israeli".  

What a contrast to the British demonstrators who march to chants of  "We are all Hizbullah".

At today's closing event on the steps of the Temple Mount, and in the shadow of the Al Aksa mosque, he declared again and again "Lo Irah" ... I shall not fear in defending Israel and denouncing evil.  He said the next time some nation decided to round up Jews he would proudly say: "Take me first!".

He is now on his way to South Africa to publicise what Apartheid really was and how absurd it is to ascribe such conduct to Israel.

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