August 02, 2013

Ashton's EU revives the PLO

Following the Oslo Accords and the death of Yasser Arafat, the term PLO has largely been expunged from current usage and - like the toxic debt instruments which bankrupted half the world - it was rebranded and sanitized as the PA ... the Palestinian Authority.

Only one politician I have been in touch with has doggedly stuck with the term 'PLO' and that is Benny Begin.  And by pronouncing it just exactly like his father did, he phonetically confirms that nothing has changed for the last 50 years.

Also unchanged is the PLO Charter - a covenant to destroy the Jewish state by armed struggle and military means. 

With such a genocidal covenant, most Western politicians are understandably grateful not to have to say the word PLO, and to use PA instead.

But no so, it seems, the anti-Semites in the EU. 

On close examination of their Tisha B'Av sanctions directive they've revived the term, openly referring to and acknowledging 'agreements with the PLO'.

Paragraph 4 reads ...

4. These guidelines do not cover EU support in the form of
grants, prizes or financial instruments awarded to
Palestinian entities or to their activities in the territories
referred to in point 2, nor any eligibility conditions set
up for this purpose. In particular, they do not cover any
agreements between the EU, on the one hand, and the
Palestinian Liberation Organisation or the Palestinian
Authority, on the other hand.

Yes ... agreements with the same PLO as was responsible for all those hijackings and terror attacks across Europe over two decades. Hundreds of civilian killings.

The Middle East peace 'Quartet' comprises the USA, Russia, the UN and the EU.
We are all very familiar with the UNGA's egregious bias, and we've seen Russia working alongside Iran to support Syria with missiles designed to compromise Israel's defensive capabilities. After the EU's legally-flawed and anti-Semitic sanctions, this leaves only the United States with any kind of credibility as a peace arbiter.

Israel should ignore the rest and work exclusively with the US, to the extent that its national and defense imperatives allow.

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