May 01, 2018

Mossad's Amazing Coup

We now hear that Iran’s secret nuclear files were snatched from under their noses and flown out to Israel the very same day. This has to be the most audacious intelligence coup of the century.
Israel has a record of hauling things home over long distances.
In 1960 it took a kicking and screaming Adolf Eichmann 8,000 miles from Argentina to trial and eventual execution in Israel.
In 1969 it defied a French arms embargo to take delivery of missile boats it had bought and paid for. Using a front company “Maritime Fruit Carriers” the boats were taken out of Cherbourg by the Mossad and brought to Haifa.
In 1976 the IDF rescued 94 Entebbe hostages and flew them 2,500 miles back to Israel.
You can watch ‘Homeland’ on Netflix and still find that fact is stranger than fiction. מי כעמך ישראל Who is like your people, Israel ?
Now is the time to be vigilant.
There is no question that Iran, so bloodied by Israeli attacks on its bases in Syria and utterly humiliated by the Mossad’s capture of their most secret files and proof of their lies, will be looking for a soft Jewish target for their vengeance – just like they did in Buenos Aires with the bombing of a Jewish community centre.
One hopes that the CST has put out alerts and deployed extra security to protect our people over the coming weeks, and in the run-up to Ramadan.
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