September 16, 2018

Ari Fuld's Last Shiur

Just before Shabbat, not knowing it would be his last one on this earth, Ari Fuld sat down to give his weekly D'var Torah. (You can watch it on the Facebook link below.)
Ironically he was talking about how our greatest leader Moses was about to die and the need to hand over the baton to Joshua. Touchingly he interrupts to give his daughter the shabbat blessing - so tragically her last!
Ari was an icon of religious Zionism, deeply rooted in our homeland and bound up in our Torah. He was a loving husband and father, an indefatigable campaigner for Jewish civil rights in Eretz Yisrael and - to the very end - a brave and fearless fighter. True to his name Ari, he was a Lion of Judah.
Ari was only the latest Korban (sacrifice) of the failed Oslo Accords, which was a talking point in the media last week on its 25th anniversary. The folly and fiction of peace - or even coexistence - with the PLO should, by now, be clear and irrefutable to any thinking person. But alas, there are still those in the political establishment - and even in the defence hierarchy - that are prepared to take the risk of establishing a PLO state in the West Bank territories of Judea and Samaria.
50 years ago Rabbi Meir Kahane declared that such a state would be a dagger in the Jewish heartland. Sadly the Oslo foundations of such a state have been a dagger in the backs of hundreds of Jewish fathers, mothers and whole families like the tragic Fogels of Itamar.
Ari's killer was just 17 years old. He will be found to be a pupil of the indoctrination and radicalisation programme run by Abbas's PLO, scripted by the Muslim Brotherhood killers of Sadat, and financed by the naiive aid donations of Britain, Germany and other European countries. The killer's family will already have their bank account details notified to Abbas, so that the terror wages can be transferred to them on a monthly basis. These funds take precedence over food, fuel and other essentials needed by Abbas's citizens, as Jew-killing must always come first.
And whilst the Fuld family are sitting shiva, the killer's family will be going house-hunting for their new home, to replace the one which will doubtless be blown up by the IDF. That new home will also be bought with European aid money.
When killings like this happen, the media and talking heads all start jabbering about the 'cycle of violence' as if Jews have routinely been inciting their own youngsters to stab Arabs in the streets.
The only 'cycle' that needs to be halted is the cycle of lunacy: where Israel continues to give more rights, land, guns and autonomy to the enemy within, whilst restricting the rights of our own people to defend themselves.
May the Almighty avenge the blood of His very special son and loyal servant. May his wife and family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, and may they be spared any more sorrow. 
יהי זכרו ברוך

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