March 03, 2019

An open letter to Gidon Saar

Dear Gidon –
It’s been many years since we last met and you were doing such great work as Minister of Education, undoing the damage wrought by your Labour predecessor, Yuli Tamir in restoring the true Jewish narrative to school texts and curricula.
I congratulate you on your triumphant return to politics with such an impressive rank in the Likud primaries. And on a personal level, I am delighted to see a new Shomer Shabbat in the high ranks of our party.
One of the heroes of the American Revolution coined what became a famous line: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party”.
This open letter is appealing to you to do just that.
We all know about the unpleasantness between Bibi and you over that rumoured chicanery over the president’s possible choices for next coalition leader. I’m not taking sides on that; the rights and wrongs of that affair are hardly important now, less than 5 weeks from the most crucial Israeli election in recent times.
What is now vital is unity within Likud.
There is no question that Bibi has been seriously wounded by the ill-timed and partisan indictment announcement last week. Many will be whispering that this is a ‘Caesar and Brutus’ moment within the high ranks of Likud.
Such thoughts must be stopped in their tracks or they will destroy Likud and deliver Eretz Yisrael into the hands of the Left.
It is obvious that Bibi will soon wish to retire and it is equally clear that you are a strong frontrunner to succeed him as leader.
I ask you to burnish those credentials and make a clear and open demonstration of true party leadership.
Announce to the media that you stand 100% with Bibi as prime minister and leader of the Likud. Condemn, in the loudest terms, the disgraceful timing of the indictment and the unfair trial of a prime minister by the media and the incessant leakers. Uphold the supremacy of a man’s right to defend himself and the entitlement to a presumption of innocence before due process and trial.
In this way you will show yourself truly worthy of future leadership and gain enormous support from the grassroots of Likud members who are overwhelmingly sympathetic to Bibi.
Become their new champion in defending their man.
Tel Chai !
Zalmi Unsdorfer
Chairman – Likud-Herut UK

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