September 04, 2019

Imagine a Middle East without this man

Imagine a Middle East without this man.

Not good for the Jews.

Not good for anyone but Abbas, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite all the police leaks over the past two years, we've seen no money trail, no secret bank accounts just cigars, private takeout dinners and pistachio ice cream. And yes, maybe some influence peddling in an abysmally prejudiced and hostile media.

So what? The man's a fighter for Israel - it's natural for those instincts to spill over into self defence.

Is this molehill of charges any reason to kill the goose that's been laying Israel's golden eggs in Washington, at the US Congress, the modern Arab world, China, India, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Greece and Honduras?

Do we have to follow the rest of the world down a rabbit hole of fake news, weak leadership and a unwillingness to face the real and present danger of political Islam?


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