May 24, 2005

Letter to Mofaz

Dear General Mofaz,

Forgive me for not addressing you as Minister Mofaz. However, this letter is really addressed to the outstanding soldier you made of yourself; not the minister that someone else made you.

When we met 18 months ago in London your poll ratings were high for succeeding Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister. This is no longer the case. Then you spoke freely and enthusiastically about the fight against terror. This is no longer the case. At this year’s London briefing in January, you spoke in a monotone from prepared notes about security co-operation with the PA. We all know this is nonsense.

As a strategist, you are smart enough to realise that the two changes are connected.
As a politician, you must also know that nothing will boost your poll ratings more than walking out of Ariel Sharon’s government at this critical moment. As a soldier, you must respect the advice of your colleagues in the military and security establishments, most of whom have warned of the clear and present danger in Ariel Sharon’s strategy. As a Jew, you know that your highest loyalty is to Am Yisrael; not to any Prime Minister or US President.

Do the right thing! Walk out of this government now.

Make your stand now and you will surely see the most dramatic reversal of your standing in Israel and most certainly here in the Diaspora.


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