March 01, 2020

Stupid American Jews

I should be talking about tomorrow’s Israeli election, but I am seized by a most depressing headline last week about the American election stage.
A poll of American Jewish voting intentions by the Jewish Electorate Institute claimed that American Jews would still vote 65% for Socialist Bernie Sanders against 30% for Trump. This is despite 45% of the sample having an unfavourable view of Sanders and 91% of the poll group claiming to be pro-Israel.
What is wrong with these people? Supposedly OUR people?
Trump is undeniably the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the Oval Office and he has backed up every word with action.
Trump appointed Pence, Pompeo, Haley, Greenblatt, Friedman and Kushner - all staunch supporters of Israel and outspoken critics of Iran - to the most pivotal positions of influence over Middle East affairs. Then he cancelled Obama’s iniquitous Iran deal which gave the rabid ayatollahs the cash and cover to fulfil their dream of wiping out Israel as “a one-bomb-country”. Next he recognised Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem and moved the US embassy there. If that wasn’t enough, he went on to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Whilst all that was going on his ‘dream appointment’ of Nikki Haley as UN ambassador led to the defunding of UNRWA and its Hamas-run schools of Jew-hatred and America’s withdrawal from the incessantly Israel-bashing Human Rights Council in Geneva which has just welcomed Venezuela’s Maduro as an honoured member.
On top of all that, Trump brazenly took out Israel's most dangerous terrorist foe, Qassem Soleimani, in a clear message to Iran that he wasn’t afraid to hit them hard, even in an election year.
And while all this was going on in public, Trump was quietly providing Israel with all the military and defence materiel that it used to have to go begging for to former US presidents. New planes, spare parts, early warning systems, bunker busters. Whatever was needed, Israel got.
And now there is the grand peace plan, backed by a new alliance of Arab countries which Trump knitted together on his very first foreign visit as president. This plan would not only assure Israel of the security of its settlements and sovereignty over Jerusalem but will give it vital and permanent control over the Jordan Valley, Israel’s eastern border and the last frontier not yet facing an Iranian proxy.
For the Jews, undeniably, Donald Trump is the gift that just keeps on giving.
So what is it that 60 percent of American Jewish voters don’t get??
How in good conscience could they vote for a Bernie Sanders who excoriates Israel and takes selfies with outspoken haters like Linda Sarsour and Rashida Tlaib? Sanders truly is their ‘useful Jewish idiot. (Ironic that the expression was invented by Lenin!)
How can such voters claim to be 91% pro-Israel and yet bite the hand that has fed Israel’s vital needs for the last 3 years?
Have American Jews forgotten how Obama threw Israel under the bus with UN resolution 2334 as his final act as president? A public tarring of illegitimacy as his parting gift to the Jewish state. The applause of every Jew-hating state and BDS peddler around the world was deafening.
And you American Jews want more of this?
With Sanders?
Or with Obama’s vice president Biden?
Are you all completely stupid?

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February 12, 2020

He who saved us from Olmert

So, do you believe in God?
And if so, do you believe He watches over His people and the Land of Israel?
Well, if you had any doubts – not least after witnessing Israel’s wartime victories against the most impossible odds – you only need to see today’s headlines.
How ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert has teamed up with PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas to reject Donald’s Trump’s bold peace plan.
This is the same Olmert who, in 2007, offered Syria’s president Assad the surrender of the Golan Heights, in exchange for a peace agreement. Just imagine if Olmert had succeeded with this lunatic plan. Less than 10 years later, Assad would lose control of his country to Russia and Iran, whose rocketeers would be solidly entrenched on the commanding heights with all of the Galilee laid out before them for daily target practice.
The following year, 2008, Olmert would have over 35 secret meetings with Abbas and his henchmen to thrash out a peace agreement by which Olmert would give away our sovereignty over the Temple Mount and Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem would be transferred to a 5-nation committee made up of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, “Palestine”, the United States and Israel. On top of that, Olmert was to give up the Jordan Valley and all of Judea & Samaria (aka the West Bank) except for the 5% comprising Jewish settlements, which would be exchanged for an equal amount of Israeli territory inside the Green Line. In other words – a total surrender of Jewish homeland and sovereignty over its biblical capital city as well as withdrawal from the strategically vital Jordan Valley - all in exchange for a peace contract signed by the chairman of a terrorist group.
(And oh, just by the way. Olmert also agreed to take in 5,000 so-called Palestinian refugees.)
So, where does God come into this?
He is clearly protecting the Jewish people from the folly of its own elected leaders.
You can see this Fatherly care playing out before your eyes.
Just imagine if Olmert had prevailed.
We’d have lost Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and control of our vital Jordan Valley - the last border not in control of Iranian proxies.
Then roll the calendar forward to 2018. Trump is US president and is having a conversation with prime minister Netanyahu on the White House lawn. Trump says: “Hey Bibi – real shame your guy Olmert gave away so much. I’d have recognised Jerusalem as yours, given you the Golan and Jordan Valley and approved all your settled lands in the West Bank”.

Behold He neither slumbers nor sleeps, the Guardian of Israel. [Psalms 121:4]

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January 23, 2020

Bravo Israel

Sitting here at Ben Gurion departures, I am wondering that if this day ends without incident (please God) it will be a stunning achievement for this tiny country surrounded by mortal enemies and so often ridiculed for being a 'balagan' in countless civilian services, from banks and post offices to car rentals.

An operation to deplane, transfer, accommodate, escort, wine, dine and entertain almost 50 world leaders and their aides in the space of 36 hours, with all their special needs, airs & graces, keeping them in the right pecking order, and returning them safely to their homeward flights without security incidents or diplomatic gaffes would be nothing short of astounding for this country.

And, of greatest significance in a country so used to random rocket attacks from areas we've ceded for peace, if this day ends without the Arabs succumbing to the most tantalising temptation of raining on our parade (or worse still, the Iranians wanting to bomb the biggest gathering of their enemies so soon after their massive loss) it will show how strong is our real deterrence when it counts.

As I board my 5pm flight to London, I just hope the day will end peacefully with all diplomatic relations intact if not enhanced.

And bravo to the 10,000 police, the border guards, the Shinbet, the IDF and the Israeli airforce whose helicopters have been all over the place this day.

Kol hakavod Israel !

January 05, 2020

Pray for Israel - and lie if you have to

As a tourist in New York last week I went on Shabbat Chanukah to one of Manhattan’s most prominent modern orthodox shuls.
State blessings started with the prayer for the ‘Government of the United States of America’. That left me wondering when it changed from ‘The President and Vice President’’ which is what was written in my old American machzor.  I hoped that this had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s election and political correctness in the state and city that elected Cuomo and De Blasio.
But what followed was the prayer for the State of Israel, where they all sang “Avinu, avinu … shebashamayim…”. This was clearly a big favourite with the crowd, especially the ladies. The singing went on for nearly 10 minutes as each segment of the prayer refrained with gusto to the chorus of “Avinu avinu ..etc”.
Any visitor to this shul would be mightily impressed by this congregation’s outpouring of love and compassion for Israel and concern for the safety and welfare of its people.
But then, looking around me, I was exasperated by the thought that, after all the music stops, 8 out of 10 of these people will go out and vote against Trump – the president who has shown more kindness to Israel than any previous occupant of the White House.
I realise of course that this is uber-leftist-progressive New York City where it is not politically correct to identify with Trump. That would be social suicide for most of our people who have this overwhelming need to be accepted and blend-in; not to raise any waves. If truth be told, diaspora Jews have been slaves to ‘political correctness’ for ages, and long before PC got its name.
So, I ask myself – you people singing every week with such fervour: what’s more important to you – the welfare and security of your brothers and sisters in Israel, or your social standing in New York?
You pray “Chazek et yedei meginei eretz kodsheinu”: strengthen the hand of those who defend our holy land, but you’ll still vote against Trump who proclaims Jerusalem as the eternal Jewish capital, accepts our sovereignty on the vital Golan border and is about to do the same for the Jordan Valley; the only border not yet in the hands of Iranian proxies.
If I needed advice on how to keep my home safe, I would ask my local police. They deal with crime round the clock, they know the usual suspects and how they operate, and can assess your vulnerabilities better than anyone else. The same goes for Israel. You want to know what’s good or bad for its security? Ask the army, the defence minister or the prime minister. They are dealing with life and death threats every hour of every day. Ask them whether Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer or any one of the past two dozen US secretaries of state (including Kissinger) would ever have gifted us sovereignty of our vital border depth or so audaciously and proudly opened the US embassy in Jerusalem.
This week you can add Trump’s elimination of Soleimani, a true monster of terrorism whose bloodthirsty threats against Israel never stopped dripping from his mouth. And we now hear that your hero Obama nixed Israel’s own assassination plans five years earlier.
So good people of New York and Lovers of Zion, if you really, truly, care about the safety and security of your six and a half million brothers and sisters in Israel, be good enough to put their welfare above political correctness or the imperatives of your own social climbing.
You don’t have to tell anyone how you voted; you can even lie. But for heaven’s sake, do the right thing come November.
Or find something else to sing.

October 05, 2019

Liberman - no legacy just wreckage

Mr Liberman - for all your pronouncements, the truth is that YOU are responsible for this mess and interregnum at one of the must crucial junctures of Israel's history.

As we we enter the final year of Donald Trump's first term as US president and have the golden opportunity to clinch the annexation of our vitally important eastern border, the Jordan Valley, before Washington is recaptured by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Carter - to whom such an act would have been unthinkable.

You know that only Netanyahu is best placed to see this through with President Trump.

You also know, from bitter personal experience, how corruption charges and incessant leaks most often have nefarious political origins but end up discredited and groundless.

In reality, the only things that motivated you as saboteur of last Spring's right wing coalition government were hate and envy.

Hate of the Haredim and envy of Netanyahu.

And this from a man whose own wife and daughter are religious, who lives on a West Bank settlement and who got his first break in politics as Bibi's chief of staff.

Beyond that, he hasn't notched up a single legislative or parliamentary achievement in his career - except this car crash.

What is the opposite of patriot?

September 28, 2019

Stop (Using) Antisemitism

Every year has its fads and buzzwords.
Aside from Brexit and MeToo, the word that seems to have dominated for us is, sadly, Antisemitism.
The exposure of Labour’s rotten underbelly has put our small community of British Jews into the spotlight as never before.
At something like 225,000 we are barely 1/3rd of one percent of the UK population – and yet, listen to the clamour!
In such small numbers, we’ve always minded our own business without drawing attention to ourselves. We’ve never made demands on the state like other ethnic communities. We are, as often described by Margaret Thatcher, a model community in Britain in terms of family life and moral standards.
And we’ve been content with the rights and privileges we have enjoyed in terms of religious observance and education which are the hallmarks of the beneficent nation which welcomed Jewish kindertransports and our other refugees from Nazi tyranny, including my own parents.
We are not used to this kind of attention. We don’t like it.
And the trouble with buzzwords is that they soon go out of style or lose their impact. Look how the word Holocaust has been devalued. Darfur was a holocaust, then Syria – now America’s southern border is likened to a Nazi concentration camp.
Besides, why should Jew hate have its own special word? Antisemitism.
People who hate Blacks aren’t called AntiBlacks. Neither is there a word like AntiPaki or AntiFrench.
All these are simply called racists!
The sad truth is that for many Corbynites, antisemitism is a virtue – a badge of honour.
And for the rest, ‘antisemitism’ will inevitably be devalued and cheapened just like Holocaust and concentration camp.
So, let’s make a New Year’s resolution for 5780.
Let’s not call the likes of Corbyn, Livingstone, Galloway and Williamson anti-Semites.
Just call them RACISTS! - plain and simple.
And the same goes for any Jew-baiter you may pass in the street or on campus.
Don’t use the A-word. Use the R-word.
See how different the reaction is.
Antisemitism was OK, but being called out as racist, they just can’t stomach.

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September 10, 2019

The Taxi Driver Test

I have often discounted the value of pollsters. 
The idea that a sample of 683 people in the whole of Israel can be 'representative' and produce a 0.06% margin of error seems preposterous to me. 
A far better barometer of public opinion is the sampling of two dozen Israeli taxi drivers - always willing to spout their views on any topic.

I wonder how many taxi drivers would agree with Gantz about letting these two Congressional antisemites, Omar and Tlaib into Israel.

Gantz says the country is strong enough to allow these people to "see with their own eyes" how Israel is the best place in the Middle East for Arabs.

I think even the taxi drivers would say, these two lowlifes had no intention of 'seeing' anything positive about Israel.

Their sole intent was to make trouble and stir up the Palestinian street into even more nationalistic violence against our people and promote BDS.

If these girls would 'see' Israelis washing the feet of Arabs in the streets of Ramallah, they would still have returned to the US with the same toxic narrative.
We've seen many times where tolerance of such racists 
 gets us.
These two are indeed a 'representative sampling' and there's no margin for error.


September 04, 2019

Imagine a Middle East without this man

Imagine a Middle East without this man.

Not good for the Jews.

Not good for anyone but Abbas, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite all the police leaks over the past two years, we've seen no money trail, no secret bank accounts just cigars, private takeout dinners and pistachio ice cream. And yes, maybe some influence peddling in an abysmally prejudiced and hostile media.

So what? The man's a fighter for Israel - it's natural for those instincts to spill over into self defence.

Is this molehill of charges any reason to kill the goose that's been laying Israel's golden eggs in Washington, at the US Congress, the modern Arab world, China, India, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Greece and Honduras?

Do we have to follow the rest of the world down a rabbit hole of fake news, weak leadership and a unwillingness to face the real and present danger of political Islam?


September 03, 2019

Leaks are now Kosher

This is a disgraceful decision by Mandelblit and smacks of the same Deep State rejection of the public will that infects America in regard to Trump's election and the UK in terms of the Brexit referendum.

The incessant police leaks were quite bad enough without the AG now giving them encouragement and a green light.
Bibi Netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister of Israel. By this lifetime service he, perhaps more than anyone, has earned the right to a fair trail and the presumption of innocence.

The left-wing establishment just cannot stomach the success of this man.

Ehud Barak is consumed with jealousy as the shortest-serving prime minister.
Boogie Yaalon is consumed with bitterness over his dismissal as Defence Minister to make way for Liberman to join the prior coalition.

And of course the Left-wing media is no different than the disgraced fake news outlets in America.
They couldn't care less who replaces Bibi. Never mind his amazing relationship with President Trump, or his fearless oratory at the UN, or his staggering record of foreign policy a movements from India to Brazil. No, let the country's vital interests take second place. As long as Bibi is taken down.
And just look at the lame horses in this race. Gantz who knows nothing about politics and can't speak English. Lapid who speaks English but has nothing to say.

Both would sign away vast swathes of Judea and Samaria for a worthless piece of paper signed by Abbas.

Israelis have a clear choice.
Likud or Oslo 3.

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August 23, 2019

Tragedies and Miracles

The Arab terrorists who planted that bomb at a popular bathing spot clearly intended to take many more Jewish lives on Friday. It is a miracle that the father and brother of tragic Rina Schnerb z’l survived this explosion.
As is always the case, the security services will very quickly find the perpetrators and it is my sincere hope that they will resist arrest and be cut down in a hail of IDF firepower to avenge the death of this sweet and innocent teenager, who had only just passed her 17th birthday.
There can be no doubt that, after a weekend of dignified silence, the Israeli airwaves will soon resound with political punditry over the government’s lack of force against Hamas and the PLO and that only Netanyahu stands in the way of the total destruction of them both.
The loss of even one Jewish life – especially one so young – is one too many. But it’s worth taking stock of just how quiet things have actually been over the past three to five years. Yes, there have been isolated terror attacks like this one and bursts of rocket fire from Gaza, but the actual death and casualty numbers among soldiers and civilians seem to be at an all-time low.
It is almost as though there is a lid being clamped down on the Middle East pressure-cooker. And while this relative quiet is maintained, two things are happening. One is the inexorable withering of the Palestinian narrative and its sources of funding. The other is booming tourism and economic investment in Israel.
When you look at Israel, surrounded by mortal enemies, with its Jewish citizens living tooth-to-jowl with tens of thousands of viscerally incited Arabs, it is an open miracle that it sees less terror attacks than there are fatal stabbings in London or shootings in Chicago.
We must all mourn for what happened.
But we must also give thanks for what did not happen.

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August 15, 2019

No to the Squaddies

This is a great decision by Israel.

No question these squaddies would have made maximum nuisance for Israel, and given Abbas a much needed lifeline as his fakery sinks beneath the horizon of media interest.

Independence is not about setting off fireworks on Yom Atzmaut. It's about making decisions like this. We should have done it without encouragement from President Trump.
Next we must purge the UN presence from our streets and highways.
Every time I see a shiny new UN cruiser it sends a message that this is an unstable country that needs babysitting.

We should end this UN colonialism in Israel.

The world now has a record number of REAL refugees for them to look after. 
The fake 4th generation of Palestinian refugees deserves nothing but abject rejection as a propaganda tool of the Muslim Brotherhood.

June 02, 2019

Yom Yerushalayim - the greatest miracle of our times

Text of my speech to Ner Yisrael in London this morning ....

This morning different shuls did lots of different things. Some said Hallel with a bracha, others without. Some said no Hallel at all and still others said Tachnun like it was any other day.
You could well ask: “If we’ve been saying Hallel with a bracha every month for thousands of years for such a natural event as moonrise, why on earth would we not say the same for the greatest miracle of our times, for which we waited two thousand years?”
I have an answer to that question. But first I need to take you on a trip.
Imagine that you had a time machine and could travel back to the date of any historic event or time and observe what was taking place. Some might take a trip to the time of the Exodus and Red Sea crossing. Others might choose the scene of the Kennedy assassination or 9-11.
You choose 1967 in Jerusalem and you set the dial to May 12th. Whoosh …! and you materialise in what is now the Mamilla area, just across from what is today the David Citadel Hotel. In the distance you see the walls of the Old City with Jordanian flags fluttering from the ramparts. In the
foreground you see Jordanian troops manning the Mandelbaum Gate, a barbed wire checkpoint that separates Jewish West Jerusalem from the Jordanian-occupied East and the Old City.
It’s a sunny Friday morning and nobody is thinking about any war. But there’s quite a lot of clamour coming from the park behind you: Independence Park. Turns our they’re doing rehearsals for Monday’s Yom Ha’atzmaut parade – it will be the 19th anniversary of independence.
The Jews were obliged to negotiate with the commander of the Jordanian Legion about how close the parade could pass to the border area, so tantalisingly close to the walls of our hallowed City of David.
On the newspaper stand you would have seen headlines about major allies boycotting the event for fear that their ambassadors’ presence might offend Jordan’s King Hussein. France, Germany and America all declined to participate. But in all other respects, it was the calm before the storm.
The first reports of Egyptian mobilisation would not surface till the following week.
Imagine if in the calm of that sunny Friday - you, from the future, tap an Israeli on the shoulder and say: “You know something? Just 3 weeks from now, there will be not a single Jordanian soldier here and Israeli flags will be fluttering from the walls of Jerusalem”. That person would have thought you were crazy.
But that is exactly what happened. One day we were begging for permission to pass within sight of our ancient capital city and 3 weeks later it was all in our hands. Our enemies had truly fled.
If you had hung around with your time machine to observe the war and how this miracle actually played out, you might have dialled yourself into the basement of the Knesset on June 5th the day it was shelled by Jordanian mortars. The war cabinet had been evacuated to this basement utility room, ministers huddled together, when opposition leader Menachem Begin popped the question to Prime Minister Levi Eshkol: ‘We told Hussein if he stayed out of the war we would leave him alone. But these are his shells falling on the Knesset. Why not use this chance to retaliate and take back Jerusalem?’ To which Eshkol replied in Yiddish: ‘Dos is ah gedank!’ (An interesting thought!).
And so it was – the most stunning victory in military history completed within 6 days, tripling our territory and delivering the most unexpected and most precious prize of all: Har Habayit Beyadeynu! (The Temple Mount is in our hands!)
But why waste a good time machine? Maybe go back further to 1945, and watch the skeletal remnants of European Jewry emerging from the Nazi death camps on liberation day – my own father among them, just 20 years old. And you, a visitor from the future, whisper in his ear: ‘In just 3 years from now a Jewish state will be created in Eretz Yisrael with an army powerful enough to make sure this never happens again'. My father might have thought you just as crazy.
And yet, after 2,000 years … just six days. After the Shoah … just 3 short years. This what is meant by the words: ישועת ה כהרף עין - the Almighty’s salvation comes in the wink of an eye. Just as Joseph woke up one morning in Pharaoh’s dungeon and was viceroy of Egypt by evening. This is the way salvation happens for our people.
Which brings me back to Rosh Chodesh and Hallel.
The moon has always been regarded as a symbol of our people and our national struggle through the ages. There are good times when we shine brightly and can light up the entire night sky. But there are bad times too, when we almost totally disappear seemingly never to return. But then, just as we seem to have totally disappeared, that small sliver reappears, the Shearit Yisrael (remnant of Israel) and we grow back to become as great as we ever were.
So, yes Yom Yerushalayim was the greatest miracle of our modern times. But our ability to survive the darkest hours and come back fighting from the lowest depths of tragedy, loss and despair is what truly merits the Hallel and bracha. And when we do that every month, it keeps us focused with faith and optimism.
Sadly we in the Diaspora are now living through another period of darkness – with a vile resurgence of antisemitism all across the world that seems to have taken hold with alarming
speed. But this too we will survive, as we now have Eretz Yisrael – a place called home where, as Frost put it, they have to let you in.
Significantly it’s not just Jews that are despairing of what’s happening in Europe and here in Britain. Douglas Murray is a well-known journalist and political commentator. He may not be Jewish but he is a staunch supporter of Israel and has spoken at many of our community events. He recently wrote a bestseller entitled: 'The Strange Death of Europe', in which he laments how the fabric of our society and the British way of life are crumbling before our eyes. He was recently interviewed by the journalist Mark Steyn and toward the end spoke painfully of how he truly feared for what was happening – “this is where live my life, this is my only home ….. I don’t have an Israel to go to."
Thank God we do!
Chag Sameyach.

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