June 04, 2021

Why do the gender warriors support Hamas?

Dennis Prager is truly a national treasure: whether you refer to the US nation or the Jewish nation. The founder of Prager University, he's a rare voice of sanity in what has become a totally crazy world.

This is one of his recent podcasts where he touches on an amazing analysis of what kinds of people are pro-Hamas and anti-Israel.  It's as fascinating as the second half is shocking in relation to the education of America's children.




June 02, 2021

A Government of National What???

National Unity?

Isn’t Israel supposed to be the Jewish nation state?
So, a government of ‘national’ unity, by definition, should primarily be the unity of its Jewish members of parliament as elected in the last poll. Sure, it would be great to have the support of Arab members, but to exclude Likud members of the largest party by far, elected by 25% of the voters, is decidedly not a government of Jewish national unity.
Sourpuss Likud defector Gideon Sa’ar prefers to call it a ‘government of change’ – anything but Netanyahu. Bennett will call it whatever he needs to, with the simple goal of being called prime minister on the back of his paltry 7 Knesset seats.
The whole scenario is reminiscent of the First Temple siege two thousand years ago, when Titus delayed the Roman advance because Jews were already killing each other behind the city walls. Substitute the Romans with today’s Islamist parties and you have the same scenario of self-destruction.
And all the while, these squabbling and power-hungry children are handing out ministries like candy to the folks with the smallest share of the vote. Talk about arranging deckchairs on the Titanic!
In this unseemly squabble for power and influence, the leader of Meretz (another 6-seat player) who hasn’t yet been appointed to her promised ministry, has already announced legislation that would seriously harm the teaching of Jewish history. Then there’s the anti-religious Liberman with his 7 seats salivating over the finance ministry he’s been promised. It was his stubborn refusal to join the Likud coalition in 2019 that brought about these repeat elections which have already cost the nation close to 4 billion dollars. Where will he look to recoup these losses? Most likely by cutting welfare to religious families.
Whether or not it gets to the finishing line, this is a coalition that cannot stand very long. Half of me wants to see them take power long enough to totally discredit themselves in concessions to Hamas in a prisoner exchange pressured by Biden and total capitulation the cash demands of the PLO parties who are already counting the billions of dollars offered by Bennet and Lapid for their cooperation (not that it will ever buy their loyalty).
It just won’t last.
Hopefully Israelis will be a lot wiser at the 5th election.

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May 23, 2021

Whither Abbas?

So where has the war of the last 11 days left PLO "president" Mahmoud Abbas? Now in the 17th year of his 4-year term, he's done very well out of the conflict; reportedly worth in excess of $100 million. One wonders how much of that came from UK aid alone?

During the last few days, he did nothing but incite and encourage the violence on the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem, and saluted the missile attacks on Israel as 'heroic'.
We could say that - after stirring up violence in normally harmonious mixed towns like Lod, Bat Yam and Akko - any ideas of a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel have totally evaporated, even in the pipedreams of the most hopeless of Israeli leftists.
But the truth is, Abbas never wanted a Palestinian state - any more than Hamas wanted it. The only state they ever wanted is No Jewish State. It's that simple.
Here's that shmuck (ex-PM and ex-con) Ehud Olmert holding an umbrella for Abbas in 2007. Remember it was Olmert who then wanted to give the Golan Heights back to Assad for a worthless piece of paper, which Syria's new Iranian patrons would have spat on as they planted missiles right above defenceless Jewish farms in the Galilee.
It is well known that Israel's Shin Bet security service has saved Abbas from numerous plots by Hamas and other jihadist factions who wanted him taken out. After his egregious and irresponsible conduct in these last few days, we hope that the Shin Bet will next time turn a blind eye and let him go to where he belongs.


May 22, 2021

Death to the Jews? Plus ça change

There is a saying in France: "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose".

Meaning: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

125 years ago this journalist, Theodor Herzl, watched demonstrators on the streets of Paris chanting "Death to the Jews" over a libel of treason against French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus. The Jewish captain was ultimately exonerated and the real traitor exposed.
That event persuaded Herzl that Europe was not a safe place for Jews and that they must have their own homeland.
His Zionist vision is why the State of Israel exists today.
The rabid demonstrations on the streets of London, New York, Los Angeles and European cities - and the accompanying threats to Jews and their communities - only serve to reinforce the case for the Jewish state and its robust defence of national security.

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May 18, 2021

The Truth about Hamas

No IDF bombing or drone attack in Gaza is carried out without the strictest approval protocols to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage to critical infrastructure that is needed for medical or basic sustenance of Gaza citizens.

For a long time now, lawyers have been embedded with IDF forces to review tactics from the standpoint of the Geneva Convention and human rights legislation and standards.

All this is diametrically opposite to the inhuman behaviour of Hamas that demonstrators in London and New York seem to cheer on. How sick are these people that their own Jew-hatred blinds them to depravity.



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May 16, 2021

Divine Calculus

We had so many questions when Trump was not re-elected as the most supportive president Israel ever had in the White House. Within 100 days, the Iran talks were put back on track and Palestinian funding was restored.  What kind of Divine plan could this possibly fit??

I think we found out last week, with another big question. Why didn’t Hezbollah open a northern front with its over 100,000 missiles, especially last Wednesday when domestic rioting seemed to stretch Israel’s resources to the limit?

The answer: Biden’s election.

As last week’s missile war was getting started, the fourth session of Iran talks began in Vienna. With their economy beyond bankrupt, the ayatollahs are desperate to get Trump’s crippling sanctions lifted. Any aggression by its Hezbollah proxies over the Lebanon border would have almost certainly torpedoed the talks. Had Trump been re-elected, the mullahs would by now have had nothing to lose.

This foresight and forward planning has happened so often in our history, just as G-d told Moses, in Exodus, 33:23, “You will see Me pass before you but you will not see My face, only the back of Me.”. In other words, you may not see Me at the time, but you will know that I was there. 

Days before the Hamas blitzkrieg began, Israeli politicians were actually on the verge of forming a government coalition that would have depended on the support of Arab lawmakers opposed to the State and who’ve openly sided with terrorist groups that seek our destruction. That plan evaporated with the first 500 missiles.

Time and again it seems that the Almighty has saved Israel from the folly of its leaders. In 2008 Prime Minister Olmert was ready to give up the Golan Heights for a peace agreement with Syria. By the grace of G-d that didn’t happen. Less than 5 years later, Syria became an Iranian military base. Just imagine Iran’s Quds Force in control of the Golan – and the Jews holding a worthless piece of Chamberlain paper signed by a neutered Assad?

The game of existential chess is played out on this earth, but the Grandmaster sits in heaven. 

May He continue to protect His people and our soldiers from all trouble and sorrow, and deliver us full victory over our mortal enemies.

Chag Shavuot Sameyach. 

Am Yisrael Chai ! 

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May 15, 2021

It's that simple....


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May 13, 2021

Don't Lecture Israel on Defence


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May 11, 2021

The Truth about Gaza

We vacated Gaza sixteen years ago, even taking
 our dead out of their graves. 

We left beautiful farms and high tech greenhouses. 

Leftist dreamers hoped it would turn the Arabs into productive and responsible neighbours - even create the building blocks of a future state.

But the people of Gaza were betrayed from Day 1 by their leaders and abused by the rabid ayatollahs in Tehran.

The greenhouses were demolished and the farms razed to form rocket launching sites for the continuing Islamist plan to liquidate the Jewish state.

The PLO leadership never wanted a Palestinian state.

They only ever wanted no Jewish state.


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December 31, 2020

Never Again

 The Israeli Air Force now has two fully combat-ready squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-35 Adir fifth generation stealth fighter jets, 20 aircraft in all.

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November 15, 2020

Yankel Plitnick 1923 - 2020

If it were possible for someone to choose the time they’d like to leave this world at a ripe old age, and be taken for burial in the land they loved, Yankel Plitnick might well have chosen this weekend of parshat Chayei Sarah. 

Because in better times he would have flown to Israel last Thursday to join the tens of thousands who come annually to liberated Chevron to stand at the very spot that the Torah reading of the week describes.

Instead dear Yankel z’l passed away in London on Thursday afternoon at the age of 97.  He leaves behind a legacy of charitable endowments across Israel which helped build schools, orphanages and community centres from Netanya to Zichron Yaakov, and Yokneam to Kiryat Arba.

Brought up in England, the son of Liverpool’s chief rabbi, his mother hailed from the esteemed Landinsky family which had roots in the Yeshiva of the Chafetz Chaim in Radin and branches in the founding of the English yeshiva town of Gateshead.

Yankel became a successful businessman and, after the 1973 war, became a staunch supporter of Jewish settlement in Judea & Samaria. He later partnered Bet El founder ‘Ketzaleh’ Katz in the formation of Gush Emunim and the financing of Arutz Sheva’s pirate radio ship in the late ‘80s.

At that time, Israel’s Left-wing establishment had all three major Hebrew newspapers in their hands, as well as the two main television channels and almost all of the radio stations. The only dissenting voice for the Right and the promotion of ‘greater Israel’ was being broadcast from the ‘MV Eretz Hatzvi’ anchored just outside Israel’s territorial waters. From such choppy beginnings Arutz Sheva grew into the formidable media presence it is today.

Yankel lived and worked all his life in England, using his business success to provide support to local causes as well as promoting the ideology of Jabotinsky and Begin in pro-Israel activism and advocacy in the UK. Although never married with children of his own, Yankel built up an extended family of many hundreds of young people through his founding and leadership of the Hendon Adath youth minyan near his home in northwest London. To them he was their ‘Uncle Yankel’ - now sorely missed but with many fond memories.

Yankel is survived by his sister in Lakewood and will be laid to rest today, Sunday,in Beit Shemesh. 

יהי זכרו ברוך 

Yankel greets the legendary Rabbi Moshe Levinger, builder of Chevron.

[This article first appeared in Arutz Sheva]

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November 08, 2020

My Love for Trump

I enjoyed watching Trump’s rallies in the closing days of the election campaign. The huge crowd sizes and overflows were amazing as was the enthusiasm which was booming. Amid the raucous chants of “USA” and “Lock Them Up” there was one unusual chorus I’d never heard before – least of all in politics.

"We love you!” they roared. Again, and again.

Well I guess I do too.

And it’s not just for all the bountiful gifts Trump has bestowed on our people and our Jewish state. From the Jerusalem embassy and Golan sovereignty to stifling the antisemitism at the UN, defunding UNRWA and holding Iran’s feet to the fire. More than that, I loved him simply as a kindred spirit.

Just think of how Trump came on the scene. As soon as he declared his candidacy he was demonized from all sides, right and left, as some sort of creature from the depths. I recall one conservative podcaster referring to him as ‘some kind of lizard’.

Once elected with a wide margin his presidency was promptly delegitimized, with hordes of protesters marching under the banner of “Not my president!” for months on end.

And then came the two impeachments over Russia and Ukraine. After 2 years and 40 million dollars of the Muller enquiry (staffed exclusively by Clinton supporters) it was found that there was no Trump collusion with Russia. Instead we learned that the whole Russia hoax was started by Clinton based on a fake Russian dossier to deflect attention from her own email scandal. Then as to Trump’s phone call to the president of Ukraine, it was found the only real story with Ukraine was Hunter Biden’s million dollar payoffs by corrupt Burisma and Joe Biden’s televised leverage of a billion dollars of US aid to get a Ukrainian prosecutor off his son’s back.
So it turns out, everything the Democrats accused Trump of, and falsely, they were actually doing themselves. Russia collusion to spy on the Tump campaign and abuse of Vice-Presidential privilege to hide Ukrainian corruption. Those are double standards by any measure.

These three elements: Demonization, Delegitimization and Double standards happen to be the 3D test of antisemitism as defined by former Russian dissident Anatoly Sharansky.

And there lies my kinship to Donald Trump.

Israel is today the World’s Jew. The Yid among nations. The one so many European leaders still wish had never come into existence, to mess up their lucrative deals with oil-rich sheikhdoms. The place they call ‘that shitty little country’. The one that is singled out at the UN for more punishment than all the despotic and rights-abusing members combined. Between the UN and EU, all 3D boxes are checked.

As the son of an Auschwitz survivor whose parents were gassed and incinerated on arrival, it hurts me every day that despite all that happened, the Jewish state is still the one country that is not welcomed in the family of nations – truly a nation that dwells alone.
Which is why I empathise with any victim of 3D – like Donald Trump. Truly a kindred spirit.

How ironic that in less than four years he made such stunning progress bringing together Arabs and Jews. And how sad that the Saudi icing on the cake will now melt away with new American empowerment of Iran.

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