July 17, 2014

Message to London's Useful Idiots

Pro-Israel groups are staging a solidarity rally in London this Sunday afternoon. It’ll be another opportunity to trade chants with the useful idiots of the Jihad who protest Jewish self-defence against incessant rocketing as a ‘war crime’.

Here I am referring not to the baying Muslims in the crowd but to their Anglo-Saxon supporters. You guys who chanted “we are all Hamas now!” during the last round of Gaza hostilities. 

You people who never got off your backsides whilst over 150,000 people have been killed in Syria and you who’ve sat silently through the 10-year genocide in Darfur.  

I have a message for you.

Take a good look around you on Sunday. I don’t mean at the Chassidic buffoons of Neturei Karta – but to your comrades in keffiyehs and hijabs. The ones with spittle running off their chins chanting: “Hamas, Hamas … Jews to the gas!

Do you even know who they really are?

Let me introduce you.

These are the people who brought you 9-11, whose ideology is the same as those who bombed London, Madrid and Mumbai.  In calling for death to the Jews, they distort the same religious teachings as those responsible for the massacre of kids in the Beslan school and the audience of a Moscow theatre.  All told there have been over 23,300 deadly terror attacks by Islamists since September 11 2001*.  
These militant friends of yours are followers of the same religious perversion as the barbarians who decapitated soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight on a London street in a grotesque show before horrified witnesses.

This is the brotherhood which tries to blow people up at 30,000 feet with explosives hidden in shoes, underwear, water bottles and inkjet cartridges. Whose footsoldiers even now are developing new methods of murder in the skies. They are the reason why all passengers have to take off shoes and belts to go through all that scanning and frisking before getting on a plane. Without these new friends of yours, air travel might still be the enjoyable experience it used to be before another of their brothers,Yasser Arafat, brought terrorist hijackings into our peaceful world in 1969.

For those of you in academia: know that the folks you join hands with on Sunday are in the same tent as those who bullied English headteachers out of their jobs in order to radicalise the next generation in Britain’s own state schools.  The ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal is thought by investigators to be just the tip of a very ugly iceberg.

And to those of you who work in the media: spare a thought for the 100 and more journalists imprisoned in Islamic countries. Mr Erdogan’s brotherhood government of Turkey (a NATO country!) holds top spot for the 3rd year running, with more jailed reporters than even Iran. 
And do you even remember the name Daniel Pearl?  He was the Washington Post reporter who was decapitated on camera by the same brotherhood you stand with.  I don’t recall any of you media hacks protesting against that outrage on one of your own people. Maybe that’s because he also happened to be one of our people.

Make no mistake chaps – these agitators are all of a piece. They are not the decent Muslims I happily work with or like the vast majority of Israeli Arabs who enjoy more freedom in the Jewish state than exists anywhere else in the region.

No, your rabid friends are perverters of a faith who feed nightly on gory incitement videos. They marvel at the progress of the new Islamic standard-bearers in ISIS as they butcher their way to the grand caliphate and vow the subjugation of kuffars like you by the sword.

And by the time all the demos and boycotts are over and they have no further use for you, they’ll have taken over more than just your schools. They will move on to all the other things you hold dear, from alcohol and miniskirts to gay rights. And you will truly wish you had been on the right side all along. The side that cherishes life with the same passion as they glorify death. The side that respects freedom of all religions and champions personal liberty, democracy, a free press and women’s rights.

But here’s the really important message I have for you guys.

History has shown that what starts with the Jews ends with all the rest of you. Read up on Hitler and WW2.  As the initial targets of terrorism, the Jewish state has adapted very well. Whether it’s the passenger profiling you’re still too shy to introduce, or the protection of malls, restaurants and public transport. And then there is the Iron Dome, a brilliant Israeli invention not a moment too early for its calling.

So, whilst you are paralysed by your own pathetic political correctness, we’ve been calling out evil by its true name and we have taken this war right to the enemy’s door. As their leaders cower in the basements of hospitals and UN schools, we flatten their houses and destroy their weaponry. We were the first to engage this Islamist evil and, with all your heads buried in the sand, we may well be the last.

But if you think by taking sides against us we Jews will again walk quietly into the night, you are gravely mistaken. We are a nuclear power and as children of the Holocaust, we have more reason and right to have that ultimate deterrent than just about any other nation on the planet.

As the sign on the lithium battery says: “Dispose of Carefully”.


July 03, 2014

Bibi’s gift to the killers

Demolishing the homes of terrorists is 1970’s technology and these days is nothing but a gift to the families of those who murdered our three boys.

There can be no doubt that the same funds which pay salaries to terrorists already in Israeli jails will have already moved these families into one or more of the 40 five-star hotels listed by Trip Advisor for the ‘Palestinian Territories’.

Or perhaps one of the many fine hotels in Gaza City like the 5-star ultra-luxurious Al-Mashtal hotel, pictured here.

Most likely they will stay in these hotels for 6 to 9 months while new villas are built for them, with all the trappings that befit the hero-status of those who executed three defenseless Jewish schoolboys.

Those funds for convicted terrorists were recently exposed by investigative author Edwin Black as coming from public and tax exempt funds in the US and EU.  
In his bestselling exposé ‘Financing the Flames’ Black shows how US/EU funds are used to pay prisoners’ monthly salaries according to the scale of their butchery.  
Ahlam Tamimi, the girl who assisted the Sbarro restaurant bombing in 2001 will have received a far greater salary for 15 dead and 130 wounded than Ziad Awad can hope to get for killing just one Baruch Mizrachi on the eve of last Pesach. 
We now know that Awad had previously been released in the exchange for Gilad Shalit.  
So incidentally was Tamimi.   We must wonder whether and when we shall be hearing from her again.

Things have moved on since house demolitions were useful as a deterrent.  Ariel Sharon realized this when upping the ante against Hamas in 2004, when the IDF took out their Sheikh Yassin and terror chief Rantisi, the so-called "Lion of Palestine” - within 3 weeks of each other.
Under Sharon it is doubtful that Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal would still be breathing 24 hours after the discovery of the three bodies.

So Bibi, let’s get serious.

For once, do what actually needs to be done … not what pleases other world leaders who don't seem to have a clue what it’s really about.

July 02, 2014

The Answer to “Why?”

Where there is faith there are no questions … without faith there are no answers.
The only thing more striking than the savagery of this event is the spontaneous outpouring of prayer and tehillim that took hold across the entire Jewish world for 18 days. There has hardly been a precedent on this scale in living memory.
On the first day even secular Israelis came to the Western Wall looking to join or at least associate with the swaying masses of praying Haredim from whom they were so recently alienated in the debate on army service.
We are told that the Almighty needs our prayers to reassure Him that we have not forgotten that there is a father in heaven. How sad that such terrible things need to happen to mobilise us to prayer.  But a father’s primary purpose is to teach his children and guide them in the right path.
This Father sent us the Yom Kippur War to warn us not to be complacent and that we could easily be taken by surprise. He sent us the Carmel fire to teach us that in a missile war we couldn’t afford to be without firefighting aircraft. And this event has also been a lesson. That that we must never release killers, least of all for the ‘privilege’ of sitting down with our enemies and negotiating away parts of our blessed land and our security.
They came to pray at the Wall because it is the last remnant of the Temple and it is where every Jew feels closer to G-d than anywhere else in the world.
And to those asking “Why did this happen?” – that Wall also provides the answer.
We could have been left many remnants of the Temple.  An arch, or maybe a pillar or a piece of a stone altar.
Instead we were left with a wall.
A simple but strong structure of partition.
We know that behind that wall lies the nemesis of our people and all that we stand for. Not far removed from the murderers of 9-11 or the barbaric beheaders of ISIS, they deny our Temple, our Shoah and our very right to exist. By their own admission they glorify death just as we cherish life.
Just as people forget that there is a father in heaven, many of us also forget - or refuse to accept - that there is true evil in this world. And so, things like this happen to wake us up and bring us back to the Wall in search of answers. To remind us never to lower our guard. Never to trust or build bridges with these forces of pure evil, under whatever guise they present themselves or for whatever short-term gains or plaudits are promised from the wider world.
The realists in Israel have recognised this and extended the Wall with a security fence across many hundreds of miles. Our detractors refer to it as a ‘separation barrier’ and, in this context at least, maybe they are right.
It’s no accident that we were left with just a wall.
After 2,000 years it’s now very old and cracked in many places.
What better way to insulate us from such a parallel universe of hate and brutality than with the thousands of notes squashed into those cracks, each one carrying the pleas and prayers of decent people who share and cherish our simple humanitarian values.

עַל־אֵ֣לֶּה ׀ אֲנִ֣י בֹוכִיָּ֗ה עֵינִ֤י ׀ עֵינִי֙ יֹ֣רְדָה מַּ֔יִם כִּֽי־רָחַ֥ק מִמֶּ֛נִּי מְנַחֵ֖ם מֵשִׁ֣יב נַפְשִׁ֑י הָי֤וּ בָנַי֙ שֹֽׁומֵמִ֔ים כִּ֥י גָבַ֖ר אֹויֵֽב׃
“For these I weep; my eyes flow with tears; for a comforter is far from me, one to revive my spirit; my children are desolate, for the enemy has prevailed.”

June 22, 2014

Kidnappings: The accidental cure

The more you follow events in Israel, the more you realize things just do not happen the way they do anywhere else in the world.
Whether it’s our miraculous victories in war, or the normality of life surrounded by millions of sworn enemies outside our borders and living with a million of their kith and kin inside. It’s hard to be an atheist in Israel.
And so with the recent kidnapping – something out of the ordinary happens.
The reaction, sadly delayed by a police foul-up, was a massive manhunt in the immediate area of the kidnapping in Etzion and Chevron.
Within 48 hours the dragnet had spread further afield. In this process, the IDF picked up some of the high-ups in Hamas and its jihadist offshoots for questioning. Essentially this was an intelligence-gathering operation by whatever means to interrogate locals and urgently pick up the trail of the kidnappers.
And then something else happened.
We heard that more than 50 of the prisoners released in exchange for Gilad Shalit were rearrested. And that other villains freed in the more recent round of misguided prisoner releases are also being rounded-up to be returned to their jails in Israel.
This is a remarkable turnaround and one which I refuse to believe was a strategy worked-out well in advance by the powers-that-be, as is so often claimed in Israel. 
All the anguish over the prisoner releases was about killers getting away with murder. About them laughing all the way to their next recidivist attack.  Not one MK or media pundit ever said they were on a short leash, or that they could/would be so easily recaptured to serve their full terms.
And yet, this is what’s happening.
And of all the ideas bandied about in the process of the prisoner releases in the Knesset and newspapers and pontificated by the talking heads on Israel TV, no-one to my knowledge ever raised this prospect of turning the tables so decisively on Hamas and the PLO.  Not even the taxi drivers came up with the idea of saying: “Now the kidnapping stops, or we round-up the lot of you and you’ll serve your full tariff back in our jails”.
It’s pure genius.

Another example of Israeli improvisation.

June 16, 2014

The Kidnapping: Livni's Big Opportunity

Dear Mrs Livni –

As the Voice of Oslo in Netanyahu’s cabinet you have been determined to prove that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is a true peace partner to whom you would be willing to hand over Judea, Samaria and control of half of Jerusalem.
Even after he embraced Hamas, you continued to meet with Abbas behind Netanyahu’s back, conducting your own foreign policy. This is neither your role as Minister of Justice nor your right as a member of the government coalition.
But if you are really so convinced of Abbas’s good intentions, and that Hamas will now work with him instead of ousting him overnight from a new West Bank state like they did in Gaza … here’s your BIG opportunity to get him his West Bank state and half of Jerusalem … and to unseat the fiendish Netanyahu all in one go!

Ask outgoing President Shimon Peres to lean on his new prayer partner, Pope Francis, to lean on his other new prayer partner Mahmoud Abbas to lean on his new friends in Hamas to make the supreme peace gesture. Let them deliver-up the three teenagers as a sign of genuine intent for peace and reconciliation. No exchanges. No quid-pro-quo. No strings attached.
Just imagine! Abbas reuniting the kids with their families on live TV, beamed all over the world. 
The Pope could take part in the ceremony via video-conference.
Even President Obama could participate - maybe this time without even chewing gum.
And of course you!  Taking all the bows, center-stage, while Bibi, Bennett and all the government hawks cower in embarrassment.  
You will have been vindicated and Netanyahu would have no choice but to respond with goodwill through gritted teeth.
Go for it girl!  It may be your last and only chance. 
But hurry, because the IDF seem to be rapidly closing in on the kidnappers. And if, G-d forbid, the boys have been harmed, it will be you and your peace-dreamers who will be further discredited.

Sadly I think you will eventually wake up to the reality that Mr Abbas and his Hamas cronies are no different than the bloodthirsty Fedayeen whom your parents fought as heroes of the Irgun resistance 70 years ago. 

May their memories be a blessing and may their legacy never be forgotten or betrayed.

June 15, 2014

The America/Israel Bond … no longer unshakable.

Because we are indeed very shaken.
Shaken by the events in Iraq this week having clearly taken the White House completely by surprise.
Shaken by Obama’s same meaningless response of ‘all options on the table’ which has been so utterly devalued in his Faustian dealings with Iran.
Shaken by the pathetic response to Putin’s theft of Crimea in broad daylight and his continuing undermining of the Ukrainian democracy in the face of the most feeble sanctions imaginable.
After Iraq and Afghanistan it’s quite understandable for any US president to make the decision not to commit more blood and treasure to new theatres of war. 
As for Europe it’s not even a decision they need to make. They simply haven’t got the wherewithal to respond. The money wasted by the EU on bailouts and immigrant benefit cheats has left nothing for their military which Putin now laughs at.
But if America and Europe have no stomach to oppose such forces of evil, let them not interfere with those who are willing to fight these evils and who are prepared to do what’s necessary to secure their vital national interests.
Don’t sanction us for taking Iran’s nuclear threats more seriously than you do.
Don’t criticise us for erecting a fence to keep out a clear evil you refuse to acknowledge.
Don’t punish us for holding on to strategic territory when every acre we've vacated has been planted with rocket launchers.
The unshakeable bond used to be understood as total dependability in good times and bad.
Now that bond has become something which ties our hands.
By impeding our efforts to assert sovereignty over our homeland and deter our mortal enemies.
Hillel asked:  If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?
Not America and not Europe.

May 27, 2014

Pope: If Only I Had A Wall Like This !

That’s my caption for this iconic photo. 
If he had a wall like this, his flock might be better protected from Islamist killings which have now reached epidemic proportions.
Like in Nigeria, where last week 162 were killed and another 120 injured by two bus bombs set of in a market in the Christian district.
Or the previous month when 105 were massacred and 50 left wounded in the Christian village of Yar Galadina.
Or in Somalia where a girl was pulled out of her Mogadishu home and killed for confirming her Christian faith.
Or Kenya where, in March, gunmen shot 6 and wounded 17 in a Mombassa church while shouting Allahu Akhbar.
Your Holiness – please check out this exhaustive list of Islamist attacks on your people since 9-11.
This may be a new phenomenon for you.
But take it from us – the most hunted and oppressed nation in the history of the world. 
We’ve learned how to look after our own.

May 20, 2014

Support Israel - Shut Up !

10 Chassidim and their families decided to spend Shabbat in the English seaside town of Blackpool. 

Unfortunately one of them took ill and they were short of a minyan. One of them went out into the street in hopes G-d would send him a 10th Jew.  
His sidelocks and strange garb drew inquisitive looks as he searched in vain for a Jewish face among the Saturday morning walkers along the resort’s famous ‘golden mile’.

Almost giving up hope he noticed the scowl on the face of an approaching pensioner clutching a shopping bag and newspaper. “Why do you have to walk around looking like that?” said the old man. The Chassid smiled broadly and invited him to make up the minyan.

That minyan man is every loathsome Jewish busybody in politics, media and academia.

From US envoy Martin Indyk, to New York Times columnist Tom Friedman and his hateful Jewish publishers, to the likes of Norman Finkelstein and Peter Beinart, and the Noam Chomskys and Ilan Pappes of academia. What they all seem to have in common is embarrassment with their Jewishness, but not so much as they will not use it for their own self-aggrandisement and social climbing.

All this makes them exceptionally useful idiots of the Palestine propaganda machine and all those on the hard Left who assail the legitimacy of the Jewish state and use that as a fig leaf to cover their base anti-Semitism.

I doubt whether Friedman would have got very far if his name was Johnson and he had been writing about Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus for the last 40 years. Similarly Chomsky might not have done nearly so well in academia with a non-Jewish name and without lacing every other lecture with visceral attacks on his ancestral homeland.

Jews have created a minyan in their promised land. They’ve tilled the land, fought the wars and are paying the taxes. If Jews in the diaspora are uncomfortable with that, let them turn away. But don’t lecture us on how we should look and conduct ourselves.

If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

May 18, 2014

Apartheid & Israel – it’s true.

True ... but not in the way Secretary Kerry or BDS-merchants portray it.

Apartheid is defined as ‘a system of discrimination on grounds of race’.

No country is discriminated against more than Israel.

It has been singled out for more UN censures than any other state, in a world filled with tyranny, terrorism and travesties of human rights. It is demonized in the media and academia and held to double-standards in its acts of self-defense and the protection of its citizens.

Natan Sharansky invented the 3D test for anti-Semitism as distinct from legitimate criticism of Israel. There had to be demonization, delegitimisation and the application of double-standards. Unquestionably all 3 are in evidence and fuelling the boycott and divestment movement so zealously directed against the one single Jewish state on the planet.

Israel is the Jew among the nations – and is very clearly the subject of discrimination on grounds of its race.
So yes, there is Apartheid in Israel.

But the Jews are its victims.

May 15, 2014

Apartheid & Israel – it’s true

Apartheid & Israel – it’s true.
But not in the way Secretary Kerry or BDS-merchants portray it.
Apartheid is defined as ‘a system of discrimination on grounds of race’.
No country is discriminated against more than Israel.
It has been singled out for more UN censures than any other state, in a world filled with tyranny, terrorism and travesties of human rights. It is demonized in the media and academia and held to double-standards in its acts of self-defense and the protection of its citizens.
Natan Sharansky invented the 3D test for anti-Semitism as distinct from legitimate criticism of Israel. There had to be demonization, delegitimisation and the application of double-standards. Unquestionably all 3 are in evidence and fuelling the boycott and divestment movement so zealously directed against the one single Jewish state on the planet.
Israel is the Jew among the nations – and is very clearly the subject of discrimination on grounds of its race.
So yes, there is Apartheid in Israel.
But the Jews are its victims.

May 11, 2014

Livni - the croupier of our territorial table

Today Naftali Bennett successfully introduced a Knesset law to prevent the future release of terrorist killers.

But why?

He is Israel’s Economy Minister.

Surely this is a job for the Justice Minister – Tzipi Livni ?

Unfortunately she is far too busy trying to give away parts of Eretz Yisrael to people who refuse to recognise the Jewish State or change their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel by military force.

Whilst it’s absurd that Bennett should have to be doing Livni’s job, it’s even more bizarre that Livni is in the position of croupier on our territorial table.

Israelis in the last election clearly voted to consign her to the dustbin of history along with the discredited Kadima party which was born in the sin of disengagement and was buried in the mire of Olmert’s sleaze.

But in this age of recycling, all trash has some usefulness.

Netanyahu appointed Livni to force Lapid and Bennett off the fence and into serious coalition talks. Justice sounded like a good title and the peace negotiation role was a useful sop to the Oslo dreamers.

But if that usefulness didn’t end with the sealing of the coalition agreement, it should certainly have expired with the collapse of the Kerry talks.

Livni should be instructed to take over Bennett’s initiative as Justice Minister or resign.

And since Abbas now thinks he has his own state, there’s no more suitable person to deal with ‘negotiations’ than Avigdor Liberman, as Foreign Minister.


May 04, 2014

66 Years on - and still not Independent

Israel keeps celebrating Independence Day each year and yet is still far from it.

We continue to allow external forces and events to determine our national agenda; constantly reactive rather than proactive.

Countries like Britain and India would go to war rather than surrender far-off outposts like the Falklands and Kashmir, and yet Israel has given up vital border territories like South Lebanon and Gaza only to see them occupied by Iranian terror proxies, Hezbulla and Hamas. It is now expected to surrender far more critical territory in the West Bank, within stinger range of Ben Gurion airport.

This is not how an independent state behaves.

Madrid, Oslo, Geneva, Wye, Rogers, Tenet …. for decades Israel has allowed itself to be bounced from one peace plan to another like a pinball. Each time a game ends, a new American president flips the ball back into play for another round of Israel being bounced from pillar to post without any real resolution. Sometimes, it gets rough and they push the table to get their way.

Independence means growing up and making one’s own decisions.
To use the pinball analogy, we need to get our own hands on the flippers.

Israel has become of necessity the most expert nation in security and national defense.  No-one is more qualified to determine safe borders than Israel itself. Not America, not the EU nor the UN.

So, imagine asking the Israeli cabinet: “What would be your ideal borders from the demographic and security points of view?”  Then ask them: “What’s stopping you?”.
The answer will almost certainly be: the Americans will never agree, or the EU or UN wouldn’t agree and we would become isolated politically and economically.

That’s not independence.
That’s dependence.

If the West Bank were just an outpost like the Falkland Islands or Kashmir there might be justification to make a goodwill gesture to get brownie points in the world.
But we don’t get brownie points … ever.
No matter what we give away, we get rockets from our enemies and blame from our friends.

So, with nothing to lose, maybe we could finally declare TRUE independence this year and write our own map.
After all, it’s not as if we were Russians stealing Crimea from Ukraine.

The land was ours to start with.

And if we ever have the guts to take it off the bargaining table, the world might finally start believing it.
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