July 05, 2018

Hillary's Rap Sheet

This is what the fiction of Trump-Russia was supposed to smokescreen. 

The utterly damning case against Hillary Clinton and the weaponization of Obama's heads of Justice and FBI to undermine a democratic presidential election. 

And to think that Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate. 

This rap sheet must surely amount to the most egregious abuse of power in a democracy since the final days of the Roman Empire.

If all this sabotage had not been going on and the mainstream media had been fair and balanced, Trump would surely have had the greatest landslide victory of all.

July 03, 2018

A Heartwarming Torah Story

With the Knesset soon to vote on a new Basic Law (much like a constitutional amendment) declaring Israel as a Jewish State, it’s nice to see that this is not just a legal definition but a reality.

I'd like to share with you this story which was told in shul the other week by Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman in London.

He told of his nephew in Israel who became part of a group of young men who decided that they would each put aside 200 shekels a month for as long as it took to pay for a Sefer Torah to be written. They maintained this commitment for 17 years, many months with great sacrifice as young people with heavy mortgages and some bad patches at work and in business.

At the end of the 17 years, after paying the scribe they had to decide on a ‘home’ for their new Torah.

They decided to advertise for suitable shuls and communities that didn’t already have a Sefer Torah of their own. There were many replies. But the one that impressed them most was from a secular kibbutz right on the edge of the Gaza Strip. It’s called Kibbutz Kerem Shalom – famous for the nearby crossing point for transporting goods to Gaza and also the regular target of mortar attacks from Hamas.

A date was fixed for the dedication ceremony and the first shabbat reading. Two days prior, there was an outbreak of missile attacks from Gaza, and they thought about postponing it to another quieter week. In the end they decided to go ahead as planned and read from it on their first shabbat service.

Here is a video of the celebrations, and an announcement from the head of this secular kibbutz that, from now on, there will be a minyan every shabbat in Kerem Shalom.

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June 22, 2018

Charles Krauthammer: A Life that mattered

The death of Charles Krauthammer this week is like a giant sequoia falling in the forest of journalism. 

He didn’t need his Pulitzer title to elevate his standing – he was, to quote Fox News editor Brit Hume, ‘in a class of his own’.

This was a man who grew up knowing how to learn Torah, became paralysed from the neck down in a diving accident but went on regardless to study medicine and psychiatry. His true vocation was as a syndicated columnist and political commentator and I tried to never miss his appearances on the panel of Fox News’ Special Report.

Above all, Charles was an outspoken and fearless defender of Israel and the imperative of a secure Jewish state.

A few weeks ago he wrote a last dispatch to say he had mere weeks to live. In that message he said ‘it’s been a wonderful life’. How incredible to hear such a thing from a man confined to a wheelchair for 40 years and totally dependent on others. It should be an inspiration to all.

I am appending here Prime Minister Netanyahu’s letter to Charles after his final message was published.

It is terribly sad that he became ill so shortly after Trump’s election. To be robbed of his piercing commentary during Trump’s first 500 days, with all the skulduggery of the Left and media bias, was like watching a symphony without the sound.

Click the the life-story video presented by his Fox News host, Bret Baier. It is well worth watching the full hour.  

May his dear soul rest in peace.

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June 17, 2018

Defenceless Britain

When the PLO frightened the Argentinian football team off a match with Israel, I tweeted that the next time the Argies tried to invade the Falkland Islands Britain wouldn’t need to send in the Navy – they could just ask Ahmed Jibril to say ‘boo’ to Argentina.
Little did I know then that Britain has no Navy. Well, not a functioning one anyway. According to the Daily Mail, Britain's six Type-45 destroyers, described as ‘the backbone of the Royal Navy’ spent 80 per cent of last year in dock. The ships, costing £1billion each, need a multi-million-pound refit after repeatedly breaking down in the Persian Gulf. It turns out that their Rolls Royce engines aren’t suited to warm seas. Refitting work is not due to start until 2020. (I imagine that’s because of defence cuts which had to make way for the burgeoning welfare costs for migrants to the UK.)
And there, in case Mr Putin missed it on his satellite pass, is a photo of all 6 warships sitting in the same Portsmouth dock – sitting ducks.
What’s truly ironic is that such a defenceless Britain remains a major proponent of arming Iran, whilst at the same time criticising Israel for defending her own people.
And it’s not just on the waves that Britannia is defenceless. Its citizens and working families have never been more defenceless in so many ways. For us Jews, it has lately been ill-advised to wear a kippa in the streets. But now everyone else has been advised to dress defensively and keep their phones, watches and jewellery out of the sight of motorbike raiders who are running amok, ripping valuables off pedestrians with little or no police intervention.
Then there are all the gang killings and knifings which have turned London into the crime capital of the world, surpassing even New York.
Aside from it being unsafe to walk the streets, Brits are also defenceless in their own homes. Almost every other week we hear of armed thugs sledgehammering their way into well-off homes and terrorising families as they are robbed of their valuables.
Part of this is due to the government’s cuts in police numbers – madly in inverse proportion to the migrant tide from countries where such thievery and crime is infused with mothers’ milk. The other reason is that even those few police officers we have left are not able to ‘stop & search’ at will. It was thought to be politically incorrect profiling of minority groups.
Then there is the case of pensioner Henry Vincent, who stabbed a house burglar only to find himself initially arrested by police and then, when released, defenceless in his own home against threats from the burglar’s family. He had to flee his home and go into hiding.
Then there are the parents of hundreds of white girls in their early teens who were groomed and gang-raped by Asian groups all over the country and over many years. They were defenceless when the local councils and police turned a blind eye because it was politically incorrect to target ethnic communities.
And whatever your views about Tommy Robinson, he too was defenceless in simply reporting on the court hearings into one of those rape gangs and being instantly bundled into jail for 13 months without a trial and under a media gag order.
A government’s prime duty, first and foremost, is the protection of its citizens.
This seems to be miserably failing in Britain, whose politicians should be the very last people to be criticising others; least of all Israel which ranked 11th in the UN’s World Happiness Index. That was above Britain’s ranking at 17, but before the explosion in UK crime.
I can’t wait to see next year’s figures.

June 15, 2018

Beep Beep to Hamas

As a kid my favourite cartoon character was Road Runner.
Always under constant threat from Wily Coyote who was constantly cooking up schemes to kill him, flatten him, blow him up or send him off a cliff.

Each and every attempt failed, but Wily Coyote never stopped trying ever more outlandish schemes.
Meanwhile, after every deliverance, Road Runner would "Beep-Beep" with a smile and zip off to business as usual.
This is very much the story of Israel and the so-called Palestinians. They started with multiple airplane hijacking, then shot up Ben Gurion airport itself, then moved on to bus bombs, then restaurant bombs, followed by Gaza rocketing, then random stabbings, more rocketing, then car rammings, followed by attack tunnels, more rocketing and now blazing kites.
Just a week ago at the Gaza border, the IDF came across bolt cutters which had been abandoned at a hole in the fence. A rookie soldier felt that there was something odd how they'd been left and persuaded his commander to call in the bomb disposal team. The bolt cutters exploded in the robot's hands. Nothing short of an open miracle.
Just like Wily Coyote, the PLO and Hamas never seem to run out of ideas to kill Jews.
And just like the Road Runner, the Israelis live another day and move on with their lives.
It would be nice to think we moved on with a smile, but the sad truth is that too many lives are tragically lost or ruined in this process.
I look forward to the day that we bury Hamas like the rabid bunch of coyotes they really are.

June 12, 2018

Mazeltov Mr President

Congratulations President Trump !

You pulled off what no president has achieved in the 65 years since the Korean War; and not least within 500 days of being elected as a total political novice.

It seems that your presidency is truly blessed. In that short time, you’ve decimated ISIS, restored US power and pride and projected it to the world's tyrants, you’ve cut taxes and crippling regulations, reduced African-American and Hispanic unemployment to their lowest levels in history, small business optimism is at a record high, the jobs you promised have now outpaced the jobseekers, the US economy is booming with offshore companies galloping back home in droves – and you’ve boldly opened the Jerusalem embassy and cancelled Obama’s Iran deal without the sky falling.
On the eve of the presidential election, your daughter Ivanka paid a visit to the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to pray for your success. That might well have helped your poll numbers, but the stunning success of your administration in such a short time probably owes itself to something else.
It’s foretold in Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you and will curse those who curse you".
Donald Trump and his closest advisors, notably the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, have given Israel full-throated support in all forums and excoriated those who have sought to Demonise, Delegitimise and apply Double-standards to the Jewish state.
Those are the 3 D’s by which former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky famously defined antisemitism.
It happens that Donald Trump has had all these 3 D’s attributed to himself by the Democrats, Leftists and Never-Trumpers.
They first Demonised him as a candidate, then they Delegitimised his election, and now they apply Double standards to actions taken by him when far more serious sins are now being shown to have been committed by Obama and the Clintons.
So, President Trump knows firsthand what it’s like to be Jewish.
And yet, he scoffs at the backbiters and just keeps on doing what he thinks is right, and fulfilling more election promises than possibly any politician in living memory.
May the blessings continue to flow and may G-d give you, Mr President, the strength and good health to keep doing the right thing for the American people and its friends and allies.

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June 04, 2018

Bibi Comes to London

Prime Minister Netanyahu comes to London this Thursday after visiting Berlin and Paris.
He has doubtless been pressing the case against Iran and its entrenchment in Syria, its control of Lebanon and its proxy wars from Gaza to Yemen. That such evil hegemony may one day be protected by nuclear weapons is a horrendous prospect.
In backing the Iran deal, Germany, France and Britain couldn’t wait to get their hands on some of Obama’s $150 billion golden handshake with the ayatollahs. But it’s not clear this has actually translated into the export deals they salivated over. Long before sanctions were lifted, French and German banks had already been stung by billion-dollar fines. They will be unwise to mess with the Trump administration which now seems quite capable of shutting down their Wall Street operations for financing deals with Tehran.
So, this time Netanyahu comes to London with a lot more spring in his step; almost arriving as teacher’s pet. President Trump and his closest advisors John Bolton and Mike Pompeo appear to be in lockstep with Netanyahu on Iran, Syria, the issue of border walls and the general threat of radical Islamic terrorism. 
They may expect Netanyahu to try and prise the Brexiting Brits away from the Franco-German lust for trade with the ayatollahs, and to show Theresa May how much more she stands to gain by getting on board the Trump train. Once unshackled from the EU, Britain will need the trust and trade of America as never before. After 500 days of Trump, America is booming. Employment numbers are totally off the charts, major overseas manufacturers are galloping back home to the USA and Trump’s 700-billion-dollar rebuild of the military must create enormous trade opportunities for support and service industries.
Of course we can pretty much predict the statement that the UK Foreign Office will draft for Theresa May to deliver outside Downing Street. Unshakeable support for Israel’s security, condemnation of Assad and abhorrence of his chemical weapons but, above all, concern for the poor Palestinians - the human rights lecture that's never mentioned on Saudi or Turkish visits.
And of course, not forgetting Britain’s total commitment to that white winged unicorn, now on life support: the Two State Solution.
But, behind the scenes, it may well be a very cordial meeting between two leaders who know perfectly well the nature of pure evil and its home address. 
I certainly hope so.

May 27, 2018

Unholy Kaddish

So, the Board of Deputies has a new president.
Will anything change? This remains to be seen.
We believe the most important change that's required is for the Board to return to its prime directive – which is to speak for British Jews.
We were reviled by the admission of Yachad to the Board four years ago, and by a 2/3rds majority to boot.
Yachad’s representative on the Board is Amos Schonfeld – he’s the guy inviting people to say Kaddish for Arabs sent by Hamas to ‘tear out the hearts of the Jews from their bodies’.
This for us is a last straw. To paraphrase Groucho Marx (though this is far from funny): we should not be part of a club which has Yachad and the likes of Amos Schonfeld as a member.
Yachad is an organisation that seems to champion the rights of the Palestinian resistance over and above the rights and security of Israelis (both Jewish and Arab) whose army and security forces are singled out for slander, double-standards and outright lies.
In some ways it is worse than the Neturei Karta who demonstrate alongside the PLO, usually on shabbat. The NK openly opposes the State of Israel, whilst Yachad claims to support it. Except perhaps for Israel being a democracy. Yachad seems to think they know better about Israel’s security needs than the voters who elected the government, and they are prepared to shout their opposition into the willing ears of Jew haters in this country. People like Schonfeld are most useful idiots of all.
Yachad openly partners with NGOs which are funded by foreign governments and special interest groups who seem bent on destabilising the democratically elected government of Israel, demonizing its army and exposing its leadership, past and present, to foreign arrest warrants using lawfare.
It partners with ‘Yesh Din’, which it calls a human rights organisation. This was formed by the founders of ‘Machsom Watch’ which was set up to harass and videotape IDF border guards manning security checkpoints. Yesh Din has been richly endowed by foreign governments like Norway, Germany and Ireland as well as by other ‘friends’ like Oxfam.
Another of Yachad’s bedfellows is ‘Breaking the Silence’ which it calls ‘an IDF veterans association’. Except that its sole purpose appears to be the defamation of the brave fighting men and women of the IDF. Like Yesh Din, it has an annual budget of around 6 million shekels, more than half of which is funded by foreign governments. Some of these donations are performance-based, depending on how much incriminating evidence can be uncovered against the IDF. Last year ‘Breaking the Silence’ was exposed in open court for fabricating an Arab’s abuse claim against an IDF soldier.
The activities and funders of such hateful organisations, and so many others, are easily researchable on Professor Gerald Steinberg’s excellent website: NGO-monitor.Org
So, we ask members of the United Synagogue – whose membership fees include a voluntary contribution to the upkeep of the Board of Deputies: Do you really want your money used as a platform to legitimise the likes of Yachad?
Do Deputies like Amos Schonfeld speak for you?
If the answer is NO, perhaps you should withhold your voluntary contribution to the Board of Deputies until Yachad are expelled for bringing it into disrepute?
You decide.
Email the US and tell them how you feel about it:

And perhaps sign this petition too: 

May 17, 2018

Thank you Hamas !

Thank you Hamas !

You may have caused needless deaths and injuries to Gazans, but your border campaign has done an enormous service to Israel.

You see, until now, the peaceniks were happy to see Israel’s borders rolled right back to the pre-1967 lines. Sipping decaf lattes in Tel Aviv, they didn’t pay much mind to such details as borders. So long as there was a handshake and kumbaya with Mr Abbas, all was going to work out just fine.
That was until they saw your mob of 40,000 at the Gaza border. Through the belching smoke of burning tires, they glimpsed pure murder in the eyes of your ‘civilians’. They read about the maps and knives that you’d given to infiltrators directing them to the nearest Israeli homes with orders to slaughter anyone in sight – man, woman or child.
These Haaretz-reading elites may never have cared much for what happened down in Sderot, but right now, they are very wary of seeing your rabid mobs a lot closer to home.
Pre-1967, Israel had a tempting waistline just nine miles wide at its narrowest point and Jerusalem was surrounded on three sides by your people.
The peaceniks now have this horrible vision of returning from Pesach holidays in Turkey and flying into Ben Gurion over a pall of burning tires, just seconds away from the runway, not knowing what kind of missiles your jihadists might be aiming at the belly of their aircraft.
They worry about burning kites wafting into the fields of Hadera over the new 1967 border, which might now bring Netanya into mortar range. And they worry about what the future might hold. Perhaps cheap drones launched over the fence carrying Sarin or Novichok a few miles into Tel Aviv.
Of course we on the Right, the realists, have always known that ‘land-for-peace’ was just an illusion and that the only border acceptable to you people was always the sea, with the Jews inside it.
But your two-week show has woken up the dreamers in Israel. They’re now smelling the coffee, or the burning rubber. They will now think twice before signing up to what Abba Eban referred to as Auschwitz Borders.
So thanks for that Hamas, we on the Right are most grateful for promoting reality in Israel’s lofty circles.

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May 13, 2018

The Lesson of Yom Yerushalayim

51 years ago our people learned an important lesson about themselves and their destiny.
It started in a cleaners’ room in the basement of the Knesset to which the 1967 war cabinet had evacuated under Jordanian artillery shelling. On the way in, Menachem Begin took prime minister Levi Eshkol to one side and said: “We should discuss liberating the Old City”. Israel had pressed Jordan to stay out of the war if they knew what was good for them but Egypt’s President Nasser had convinced the Jordanian king that he was actually winning the war and pressed for continued shelling and pressure on West Jerusalem.
Begin saw the perfect opening and opportunity to liberate the Temple Mount and Old City, with full legal justification as territory captured in a defensive war. And from that tiny basement room came the order to retake Yerushalayim.
The lesson was: “We can do this !”
Al Tirah Avdi Yaakov. Fear not Jacob … God is with you.
The significance of this lesson should not be lost on us today. For, between those heady days of such a stunning victory in 6 days, the trebling of our territory and reunification of our eternal capital under the flag if Israel … between those days and now, we have seen repeated efforts to surrender those very territories, and out of nothing but fear. Fear of American presidents, European sanctions, BDS and, most of all, fear that the West Bank Arabs would turn us into a minority in our own democracy. As the old saying goes: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
And so, for all those reasons, leaders like Barak and Olmert tried to outdo themselves in offering the surrender of 96 percent, 97 percent … as if they were talking about so much body fat they couldn’t wait to shed.
Barak handed over South Lebanon to Hezbollah and Sharon gifted Gush Katif to Hamas. As for Olmert, he was prepared to cede Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem to international control, and give the Golan back to the Assad family. Just imagine Iran’s Kuds Force staring down from the Golan Heights today!
For all this Jews need to invent a totally new blessing: “Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe who protecteth Israel from its own leaders.”
These prime ministers of Israel, however great their service to the country in all other respects, failed the Jewish people at those crucial moments when they needed to say: “We can still do this!”
Sharon paid for his mistake with his life. Olmert with the ignominy of jail time. The heavenly jury is still out on Barak. But the message is simple: don't mess with the promised land.
Remember Queen Esther who had to be pressed by Mordechai to stand up for her people and put her fears of the King and Haman to one side. As the Megillah tells it: “If you will remain silent – relief and deliverance for the Jews will come from another place – and who knows if you attained royalty just for a moment as this?”
And true enough, relief and deliverance - Revach Ve’hatzalah – did indeed come from another place.
And this was in the form of Donald Trump.
Just imagine if Barak and Olmert had prevailed in their time. Along comes new President Trump in 2016 and says to Bibi: “So sad. I would have recognised Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem if only you hadn’t given it away so quickly.”
The lesson of Yom Yerushalayim is to keep saying: “Yes, we can do this!” This is our time in history. We have been blessed as the generation which lived to see the liberation of our homeland. We must not fail our children as its custodians.
With God’s help we have seen off every mortal threat deployed against us, from rockets to tunnels to burning kites. And with the miracle of the Israeli birth rate having overtaken the Arabs’, we will debunk the demographic threat as well.
Am Yisrael Chai.
Jerusalem, the light of the world – ours forever.


May 11, 2018

Bad week for the ayatollahs - and Britain

It’s been an awful week for the ayatollahs.
Reeling from the embarrassment of Mossad’s theft of their most secret nuclear archives, they thought they would lob a few missiles into the Golan to save face. In return they saw all their bases wiped off the Syrian map in under an hour.
But it’s also been a terrible week for Germany, France and Britain who were such willing accomplices to the Iran deal.
Obama needed it for his legacy. The Europeans wanted it for billions in export orders, and the-devil-may-care about Israel or nuclear Armageddon.
The 3Ms, Merkel, Macron and May now find themselves vigorously defending the evil regime in its protests against Trump. “Bad faith” they call it. Totally ignoring that the deal was built on Iranian lies and deception, ignoring that the $150bn released to the regime was immediately invested in the export of terror and death to Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza – not to mention the development of nuclear-capable ICBMs with ‘Death to Israel’ written on them.
Bad faith deserves bad faith in return.
The irony is that the ayatollahs are now threatening to resume enrichment of uranium to spite Trump. But in doing so, they will have painted the Europeans into a corner where they can no longer justify the deal with the regime in breach.
Britain has a bitter history of turning a blind eye to reality and paying a heavy price down the road.
You only have to look at Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler in 1938, and his censorship of bad news from Europe in order to sell his worthless piece of paper to the British public as ‘peace in our time’. That deception ultimately cost the loss of over 50 million lives in WW2.
Then there is the whole EU edifice – also built on fakery and delusion. Countries like Greece, which were unable to meet the entry criteria for currency union, simply faked their financials. The EU grandees, eager for more countries to add critical mass to their powerbase simply turned a blind eye and let them and other fakers join up. The result has come close to bankrupting the Euro. The EU is now a car crash in slow-motion, albeit the UK has had the sense to pull over into the service lane.
Which brings us to Iran, with potentially the costliest endgame of all – under a mushroom cloud.
The JCPOA was a deal with the devil, and the devil really was in the details. No rights of peremptory inspection, no bar on ICBMs, no curb on the funding of terror proxies, payments in hard cash and, even then, the deal was never actually signed. The ayatollahs loath the West – and signing any contract with ‘Satan’ was ‘Haram’ …. never going to happen.
It will be interesting to see how it all pans out for the 3Ms, with the wheels coming off their export orders under Trump’s sanctions. As the saying goes: you lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas.
Meanwhile the sun is shining in our blessed land as we approach the 51st anniversary of Jerusalem’s liberation from Arab occupation, and the formal opening of the United States embassy in our eternal capital city.
Enjoy the ride folks – and Chag Yerushalayim Sameyach !

May 10, 2018

Choose your leaders wisely ....

On the day we see American hostages brought home from N.Korea, I'll bet Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe wishes she had Donald Trump as her president instead of having to rely on appeasers like Boris Johnson.

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