December 30, 2013

In Barry's Shoe Store

Ever tried on a dozen pairs of shoes in a store and then felt bad about leaving without at least buying something? Especially when the shop assistant has worked so hard and ends up with a mountain of shoe boxes to repack without a sale? It’s a hard man that can walk out without at least buying a pair of Crocs.

Now, imagine it’s your your best friend Barry who opened that store. “You really must come in and see my exclusive line of Italian shoes. Just try them on  ... no obligation.” 
Truth is, you’re blissfully happy with your Rockports. But you still go to make your friend happy. And he’s tipped off the salesman that you’re a friend and to make a big impression.

After an hour, the floor is littered with boxes. John the gushing salesman has made a dozen trips upstairs for something to please you. But you just know these Sicilian wingtips are simply not for you. Meanwhile your phone rings. It’s Barry asking whether his salesman is taking extra good care of you.  You say: “He’s great thanks!   

Halfway through the next batch of try-ons you are getting really worried about buying any shoes here because you're convinced your wife is gonna hate them. You can just hear her saying: “Benny -  they make you look ridiculous  ... what the heck made you spend our good money on that?”

Why am I telling you this story?

Because it’s the story of Bibi Netanyahu in John Kerry’s peace talks.  He couldn’t refuse his best friend America’s invitation to come to the store … no obligation. And John Kerry’s made how many 12-hour trips back and forth? I’ve lost count. And surely no less than a quarter million dollars a trip.

Is Bibi going to leave the store without at least buying something to please his country’s best friend America?  Can he face coming back to the Knesset and being told: “Bibi – you look ridiculous! How could you give away prisoners and territory for this worthless piece of paper?”

Alas we know the truth.

He’d sooner upset the Knesset than his American friends.

Ariel Sharon redux.

October 08, 2013

God staged a demo last night in Jerusalem

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Last night He showed how one dead rabbi could bring 700,000 people into the streets. 
An unprecedented 10 percent of the population.

This was the clearest possible message for Yair Lapid, leader of the Yesh Atid party which is committed to forcibly drafting yeshiva boys into an army which isn't ready to absorb them and their special needs.

Lapid must be wondering what kind of street mayhem could be mobilized by a few live rabbis after the first draft dodgers are marched off to jail.

I am all for forcing Haredim into the national curriculum so that they can move into employment and self-sufficiency instead of a life of dependancy on government handouts. But this can more sensibly be achieved over time, with economic carrots rather than police sticks.

Once Haredim are conditioned into responsible working lives, army service will likely follow without resistance and out of a new sense of pride in being part of the fellowship of Jews building and defending their only secure home.

The Torah is replete with references to the imperative of army service. But the Torah itself has also to be defended. And last night was G-d's big demo.

September 08, 2013

Israel Needs Assad

Whilst Jerusalem maintains a diplomatic silence, it is disturbing to hear reports that American-Jewish groups are lobbying for Congress to approve a strike on Syria.  Most people agree that the missile option is by now so delayed and so watered-down as to be a waste of time.

An American president who was really serious about punishing Assad’s war crimes would do what Ariel Sharon did to Hamas leaders Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi.  Two targeted and precision assassinations in the space of a month.  Without doubt America has all the tools and resources needed to do the same. And if Assad were taken out in this way, all future tyrants would be in no doubt that use of WMD was a red line drawn in their very own blood.

Sadly Barack Obama is not that kind of president, and whilst it is doubtful what his neutered missile strike will achieve, the only certainty is that – like the First Gulf War - it will cause blowback on Israel in some form or another. Israel doesn’t need this and our tiny country shouldn’t always have to pay in collateral damage for the misdeeds of Arab tyrants.

To vote against a US missile strike is not to ignore the victims of Assad’s terrorism and the plight of some 2 million refugees.  They are caught up in a vicious sectarian war which no Western intervention will end.  To quote Sarah Palin: ‘let Allah sort it out’.  

But at least these Syrians have someplace to go; a choice of Turkey or 22 other countries in the Arab league. That leaves them far better off than the 800,000 Jews who were expelled from many of those same Arab countries and for whom Palestine was the only available refuge, albeit barred by the British.

The government of Israel, and its supporters in America, must remain selfishly focused on its own vital national and security interests. And for this they are probably better-off with Assad remaining in place. 

He is the devil they already know. 

But he has also now graduated as the new pariah on the world stage.  

After what he has done, it’s doubtful we will hear many voices pressuring Israel to return land to Mr Assad.  

And the retention of the Golan Heights is one of the most vital interests of the State of Israel and an enduring  existential imperative which must supersede  all day-to-day crises and distractions beyond our borders.

September 02, 2013

No other country in the world ever faced this ....

August 26, 2013

Now let's get this MidEast situation straight ....

August 25, 2013

About All Those Options On The Table .....

On Iran and now on Syria, the White House keeps declaring: 
"All Options Are On The Table"

Only trouble is, the president seems to need a booster seat.

August 24, 2013

Egypt in the words of Isaiah 19:2

ב  וְסִכְסַכְתִּי מִצְרַיִם בְּמִצְרַיִם, וְנִלְחֲמוּ אִישׁ-בְּאָחִיו
וְאִישׁ בְּרֵעֵהוּ, עִיר בְּעִיר, מַמְלָכָה בְּמַמְלָכָה.

And I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians, 
And they shall fight—
Every one against his brother and Every one against his neighbour,—
City against city, and Kingdom against kingdom.

August 23, 2013

Planned Parenthood and the Jihad

One of life's conundrums is why secular progressives and their acolytes in the left-wing media seem to always take sides with Islam against Israel; the only true pluralist democracy in the Middle East.

The Left's sacred cows are human rights, women's rights, gay rights, natural justice, peace and personal freedom, liberty and democracy. 

Practically all of these lofty principles are either proscribed or heinously trampled by Islamists in their daily savagery in suicide bombings, church attacks, honor killings, female genital mutilations ... just look at the counter on the left of this blog by the Religion of Peace blog.

The natural conclusion is that secular progressives will oppose Jews and their only nation state at all costs, even if it means Faustian deals with such heinous fanatics.

But this week I came across this quotation from the founder of Planned Parenthood. This is the standard-bearer of what they call the 'Pro-Choice' movement in America, which defends women's rights to abortion. 

This hugely prosperous NGO is one of the Obama administration's sacred cows - so much so that 3 senators have this month forced an audit investigation into its use of billions of federal funds. Here is an extract of a report from the conservative Heritage Foundation: 
Despite the organization’s prominence—performing roughly one of every four abortions in America—Planned Parenthood has ridden the waves of taxpayer funding to millions of dollars in annual surpluses. Planned Parenthood received over $542 million in taxpayer dollars during 2011 alone, all the while performing a record 333,964 abortions. In that year, like many before it, Planned Parenthood saw a very comfortable income, reporting excess revenues exceeding $87 million and net assets of more than $1.2 billion.

But - apart from its openly racist founder - what does this institution have to do with Liberal Progressives taking sides with the Islamists?  What can they possibly have in common.

I am thinking maybe an attitude to life itself ....

August 02, 2013

Ashton's EU revives the PLO

Following the Oslo Accords and the death of Yasser Arafat, the term PLO has largely been expunged from current usage and - like the toxic debt instruments which bankrupted half the world - it was rebranded and sanitized as the PA ... the Palestinian Authority.

Only one politician I have been in touch with has doggedly stuck with the term 'PLO' and that is Benny Begin.  And by pronouncing it just exactly like his father did, he phonetically confirms that nothing has changed for the last 50 years.

Also unchanged is the PLO Charter - a covenant to destroy the Jewish state by armed struggle and military means. 

With such a genocidal covenant, most Western politicians are understandably grateful not to have to say the word PLO, and to use PA instead.

But no so, it seems, the anti-Semites in the EU. 

On close examination of their Tisha B'Av sanctions directive they've revived the term, openly referring to and acknowledging 'agreements with the PLO'.

Paragraph 4 reads ...

4. These guidelines do not cover EU support in the form of
grants, prizes or financial instruments awarded to
Palestinian entities or to their activities in the territories
referred to in point 2, nor any eligibility conditions set
up for this purpose. In particular, they do not cover any
agreements between the EU, on the one hand, and the
Palestinian Liberation Organisation or the Palestinian
Authority, on the other hand.

Yes ... agreements with the same PLO as was responsible for all those hijackings and terror attacks across Europe over two decades. Hundreds of civilian killings.

The Middle East peace 'Quartet' comprises the USA, Russia, the UN and the EU.
We are all very familiar with the UNGA's egregious bias, and we've seen Russia working alongside Iran to support Syria with missiles designed to compromise Israel's defensive capabilities. After the EU's legally-flawed and anti-Semitic sanctions, this leaves only the United States with any kind of credibility as a peace arbiter.

Israel should ignore the rest and work exclusively with the US, to the extent that its national and defense imperatives allow.

July 15, 2013

Prosor on Hezbollah

June 29, 2013

To my blog followers....

Friends often ask why I am not blogging as much as before. 
The answer is that I find Twitter a much quicker means of venting during a business day. And the limitation of 140 characters is a marvelous discipline. 

Much maligned as a dumb gossip network for people without a life - I discovered the power of Twitter during the Gaza rocket campaign and was getting news faster than any other medium. 

So I recommend you sign up to Twitter and subscribe to the real and instant news reporters ... ordinary citizens of Israel, Egypt, Syria etc. and plug into the vast array of support for Israel which pervades cyberspace but which the BBC, Guardian and others of their ilk choose to ignore.

I am getting my Tweets posted automatically to this blog, so you can follow.

Or join Twitter yourself and follow me at @ZalmiU . Then choose from those feeds that I follow and discover new ones you'd like.

Best wishes  - Z.

Vegetables never killed anyone ....

The EU is so quick to label lettuce as Israeli ...  but still won't label Hezbollah as terrorists.

With Hezbollah so earnestly assisting Assad's slaughter in Syria, what could possibly explain this bizarre policy?

Shared interests? 

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