February 06, 2016

There was a time ......

There was a time when Israeli leaders were not shy of telling European leaders what they could do with their precious Palestinian state. 

How I wish we had him here now ...     


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January 31, 2016

The speech we need to hear from every European leader....

October 14, 2015

Separation !

My heart goes out to the mostly defenseless victims of this latest terror wave in Israel and to the families of those who succumbed to their injuries. My admiration goes to the security services and MDA/Hatzola volunteers who are working round the clock to stem the flow of blood in the streets of Israel.

Officials and media pundits are still fussing about whether this is the Third Intifada or just a bad case of civil unrest. It is neither.
This is war.

To anyone with eyes in their head, this is nothing less than a guerrilla war being waged in streets all over Israel.

In any other country this would warrant emergency powers being declared by government, the suspension of habeas corpus and the interning of suspects in detention camps. Britain did no less for Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

In the case of Jerusalem, this means sealing off the Palestinian Arab areas, suspending all crossing rights and barring so-called Palestinians from public transport and municipal facilities and suspending their work permits. They have proved that they cannot be trusted to live among us and they will have created the very Apartheid with which they falsely labelled us.
There are plenty of Filipinos eager to take up the hospital jobs and plenty of Chinese workers willing to work on our building sites. These are people who love our people and our country. They don’t sit up all night thinking of new ways to kill Jews.

Another subject fretting the officials and media pundits is how much incitement there is and by whom. Again I seek to differ. I am more concerned about ‘enablement’ than incitement.
It is the government which brought this upon Israeli citizens by ignoring the rock throwers for too long. By turning the other cheek to the nightly attacks on the light railway. By allowing Arab vandals to roam freely over the Mount of Olives cemetery, intimidating mourners without a policeman in sight. By tolerating the spate of car rammings and firebombings. And all that, set against the ignominy of prisoner releases, has totally eroded all deterrence and removed the fear Arabs once had of a Jewish soldier, border guard or policeman.

Much of this erosion of deterrence comes by courtesy of self-appointed Israeli justices who bend over backwards to uphold “Palestinian rights” and who order the opening of Israeli roads like the 443 to those who quickly turn them into new killing grounds. In a very real sense, these ‘bleeding heart judges’ are responsible for much of today’s Jewish bloodshed.

Emergency powers will override that skewed court system and will act immediately to put these so-called Palestinians back in their place …. away from our people. 

October 07, 2015

Let’s get real and act as if we own the place !

The government’s mantra is that peace is only possible if our Arab neighbours recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

But why should they if even we don’t?

I’m not talking about nutjobs like Neturei Karta or the vile merchants of sedition at Ha'aretz.
I’m talking about Prime Minister Netanyahu and his security cabinet. I’m talking about Jerusalem Mayor Barkat and his municipal officers. I’m also talking about the justices of the local and superior courts. Why do they not recognise the sovereignty of their own state?
How can we expect others to take us seriously as a sovereign nation if we do not ourselves?

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost every decision made at all levels of officialdom where it concerns Arabs is not determined by the interests of Israelis and their security, but by how foreign leaders, NGOs and media may judge us. This is totally unsustainable.

Look at poor Europe as it struggles with its migrant crisis and the failure of its single currency. These problems were not caused by Syria’s civil war or incompetent central bankers. They are rooted in the erosion of ‘nation statehood’ within what was supposed to be a European free trade area. Once proud and independent countries like Britain ceded their national identity in a European melting pot and lost control of their laws, currency and borders. As we see the demise in what European states have so suddenly lost, we must jealously guard and empower our own nation statehood and sovereignty.

It is therefore absurd that, whilst we still have our independence, we look to failing European states for approval of our own sovereign actions. We need to stop beseeching Arab states to recognize our right to exist. That would be like the oldest founding member of a golf club having to show ID at the door. We exist, we have repossessed our biblical homeland and we should be seen to be exercising all the powers of our sovereignty to maintain security, law and order and our national ethos and values. Truly a light unto the flickering European ex-nations.

This means, Mr Minister of Security Gilad Erdan, that we will not ‘grin and bear it’ whilst young children of freshly slain Jews are still sitting shiva. This means, Mr Netanyahu, that ‘zero-tolerance’ is about breaking bones not walking on eggshells. And this, Mayor Barkat, means that by failing for years to protect the peace of the dead on the Mount of Olives you’ve empowered the cemetery vandals to go butchering live Jews in Har Nof, stabbing families in the Old City and stoning your new light railway on a nightly basis.

So, let’s get real and act as if we own the place.

September 20, 2015

Has Europe Been Cursed ?

As a religious person I see divine intervention in all things and have learned that the G-d of Israel seeks His vengeance Middah K’Neged Middah

This principle was used to drown Pharaoh Ramses and his charioteers as the lex talionis for ordering the drowning of every newborn Jewish boy. 

There are many other examples throughout sc‎ripture and our very laws are built on proportional punishment, right down to the eye-for-an-eye.

Another divine principle is ואברכה מברכיך ומקללך אאר – that G-d will bless those who bless our people and will curse those who curse us.

The EU has been at the forefront of anti-Israel activism, supporting declarations of unilateral Palestinian statehood on sovereign Jewish land. Europe’s academia and trades unions are unashamed patrons of the world BDS movement. Their aims are twofold. To delegitimize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state and to destroy her economy with sanctions and discriminatory labelling of her exports.

How does the God of the Exodus judge a nation that denies the legitimacy of His people’s borders? Answer: He makes a mockery of their own borders.

How does the God of the Exodus judge a nation that seeks to destroy the economy of His people’s state?  Answer: He makes a mockery of their own money.

That’s my answer to “why this and why now?”   Middah K’Neged Middah.

Last year, at the height of his polling lead to win the UK general election, Jewish oppo‎sition leader Ed Milliband demanded that his Labour Party MPs must support a parliamentary vote to recognize 'Palestine' as an independent state. Against all predictions he lost the subsequent general election in a major upset. If that wasn’t enough, he has now been replaced by a Marxist oddball who is tipped to keep Labour out of power for a generation.

Is it a coincidence that the Labour party which was so anxious to recognise the PLO as a state now has a leader who doesn't accept the legitimacy of the English queen?

If, on the eve of that Palestine debate with Milliband on sure course to win the election, you would have presented this scenario as a crystal ball to Labour Party members they’d have laughed at you.
But He who laughs last is usually looking after the Jewish people.

As I write these lines, EU states are scrambling all over themselves for the most sought-after commodity ... razor wire fencing. How rich that these are the same people who excoriated the Jews for building a security fence which stopped 95 percent of terror attacks on our people.

May He laugh the longest.

September 16, 2015

No Syrian Migrants for Israel

Oppo‎sition leader Isaac Herzog has called for Israel to open its doors to Syrian refugees.
This is insanity.

The last time Syrian Arabs came into Israel (other than in tanks) was during the first Aliyah, when Jewish farmers provided thousands of jobs in the new moshavim.  A hundred years later they named themselves Palestinians and accused us of stealing their country.

This Palestinian lie has dogged us to this very day, when the flag of their fakery now flutters outside the United Nations by an overwhelming vote of its Israel-bashers.

Herzog’s job as oppo‎sition leader is to oppose the Netanyahu government – not to oppose the Israeli national interest. His nochshlepper Tzipi Livni never stops peddling the sophistry of demographic disaster, when Arab numbers are supposed to overrun Israel’s democratic majority. And here is Herzog wanting to hasten Livni’s scenario.

Supporting Herzog in this hara-kiri initiative, Mahmoud Abbas appealed to the United Nations to pressure Israel to allow these refugees to move to the ‘West Bank’. He needs them there in large numbers to offset the flowering of Jewish settlement in hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria which Arabs neither inhabited nor cared about before the Jews arrived.

No Mr Herzog… Israel should not and need not do this. And neither is there any moral obligation to do so as part of Europe’s sudden conversion into the Umma’s hospitality tent. When Jews tried to flee Nazi genocide, they didn’t have a choice of 22 Jewish countries to choose from. They only had one, and even that was barred by British soldiers tasked with protecting Arab sensitivities. So, dear world, give us a pass and let our oil-soaked Arab neighbours like Saudi and Qatar show their humanity first – that’s if they have any.
In the morality stakes, Israel is not the same as Germany, Britain or any other of the destinations preferred by the tide of migrants. We did not initiate wars in foreign lands, nor were we so stupid as to withdraw so prematurely as to leave a perilous vacuum for Islamist barbarians to fill with the blood of innocents.

Our tiny Jewish state already has the highest proportion of migrants per capita in the world. Since 1948, Israel has provided a home for millions of Jewish refugees from around the world – Morocco, Iraq, the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia. As the saying goes; we gave already, at the office.

But there is another reason too. Unlike other countries the State of Israel is a game reserve. It is the sole safe refuge for the world’s most endangered of human species. The swift resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is proof-positive that Jews are never safe among the nations and that our tiny sliver of homeland will have to take in millions more genuine asylum seekers in the coming years. “Save me a place” is the unspoken message in the hearts of Jews all over the world.

We may not have much space to give away, but we have big hearts. That’s why Israelis are first on the scene with emergency aid and first responders to disasters like Haiti and Nepal. We don’t make pledges … we show up. 

And we were also the first to take in hundreds of Vietnamese boat people when the rest of the world turned their backs. This was the first act of Menachem Begin as Likud prime minister in 1977.  Those Vietnamese and their extended families are now happily integrated into Israeli society and serve in the army and other public services.  They have no flag to raise other than a Magen David and will sing the Hatikva without claiming it abuses their national feelings.

And besides, even if we were so reckless as to take in a few thousand Syrian refugees as a humanitarian gesture, do you think that would count one jot with the Israel-bashers? What would be the point anyway?
Surrounded by mortal enemies – now to be vastly enriched by Barack Obama’s presidential legacy - the tiny State of Israel has a national security priority higher than any other nation on earth. Not for us are such rash commitments so easily made by secure and carefree states. 

And when such ideas are supported by the likes of Mahmoud Abbas we should know instinctively that they are not in our interests.

September 10, 2015

There is only ONE Palestine ....

On this day, when the United Nations voted to allow the PLO flag to flutter outside its New York headquarters, let it be clearly stated ...

There is only ONE Palestine  ….

And that is the ancient Jewish Kingdom of Judea as renamed by its Roman conquerors.

And here is the minted proof …

Judea Capta

But never again.

August 04, 2015

Civil War – the new agenda of the Left ?

The ink was not yet dry on Gideon Levy’s op-ed last Thursday when everything changed by sundown. 

That very afternoon, a crazed ex-con in sidelocks slashed his way through a gay pride march in Jerusalem and, the very next day, an Arab infant was killed in an arson attack, ostensibly by settlers.

Levy’s concession piece was a watershed in the unending flow of toxic abuse he has vented on his own people through the columns of Haaretz, which seems to relish publishing anything and anyone with something nasty to say about its own Jewish state.

The settlers have won and they deserve the victory,” Levy wrote, admonishing the “limpness” of his leftist friends in Tel Aviv.  “In the settler camp, the fire burns strong,” he went on, saying that instead of wasting nights at concerts “the settler camp struggles, acre after acre, day after day, year after year.

How sad therefore that the Religious Zionist camp was not able to bask in this rare praise from its nemesis. All was ruined by a madman inexplicably released at the worst possible time and a feral gang of thugs. Every nation, creed and tribe has its crazies and derelicts. Unless held to yet another double standard, Jews are no different.

The Left have been quick to regroup and seize the opportunity to demonise the entire Religious Zionist community over this. And, to wit, on the 10th anniversary of the Gaza Disengagement -  their greatest sacrifice for the state and its pipedream of peace with the PLO. The trauma of 8,000 people losing their homes, their shuls, schools and farms – some still paying loans on those razed homes and businesses 10 years on  - it all counts for nothing now. Any vestige of sympathy blown away in 24 hours of madness.

Not far behind the rants of these leftist pundits have been their bedfellows in the racist NGOs and BDS movement, spitting bile into social media and feeding the most preposterous side-stories to foreign media hacks hopelessly addicted to any and every anti-Israel narrative.

No-one excuses these crimes of a crazed homophobe or criminal arsonists. All shades of Israeli society are agreed they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  But when this latest hatefest blows over, the government would do well to address the real issue that lies beneath.

Jews baiting Jews in the Jewish state.

Crime and punishment is not what it used to be.  When I was growing up in Britain, bad people were locked up for a long time and some were even hanged. Today when someone commits a crime, the progressives instinctively ask: "what made him do such a thing?" Did he come from a broken home? Was he abused as a child?  The criminal gets all the analysis whilst the victim is either dead or disabled for life and his family bereft. If it’s rape, the victim is traumatized for a lifetime, while the judge frets over her attacker’s right to parole and a family life.

When the Fogel family and their newborn child were slaughtered, all the Left wanted to know was which town their murderers came from and what awful deprivations or provocations drove them to cut a helpless infant’s  throat. When Yehuda Glick was shot outside the Begin Centre, the Left wanted to know how someone who was employed on those same premises could be driven to shoot a Jew he knew and called to by name.  This was not of course to condone what he did … they just wanted to know cause and effect.

The same goes for the Islamist outrages in Europe. How painstakingly was the Charlie Hebdo attack analysed by the pundits and talking heads. “We must have really upset them,” they said.  "Yes, we need our free speech... but there must also be sensitivity."

And here lies the double-standard.

Nobody seems interested in ‘cause and effect’ for the settlers or Religious Zionists. Nobody asks what drove Shlissel to commit a second heinous attack on gays within days of finishing his 10 year sentence. Nobody’s interested in what drives Price Taggers to torch and daub churches, mosques or Arab homes
Could it be that the sanctity of Yerushalayim means as much or more to some Jews as the image of Muhammad means to some Muslims?  Could it be that settlers have been traumatized by incessant Arab terrorism, and the countless acts of barbarity from the slaughter of the Fogels to last year’s three kidnapped boys? Could it be that Religious Zionists are alienated by a government which discriminates against them to pander to foreign opinion? Whose court system has one set of sentencing rules for Jews and another – or none at all – for Arabs? Whose police will disarm an entire Jewish community in Samaria because a settler drew his gun in self-defense and frightened an Arab boy? Whose city councils will tie up Jewish homebuilding in years of red tape whilst turning a blind eye to illegal Arab construction anyplace they choose (including a mere ten yards from Menachem Begin’s grave on the Mount of Olives)?

I fear that the Left will now seek to snatch victory over the Religious Zionists from the jaws of the defeat almost conceded by its vile standard-bearer Gideon Levy. The means to achieve this is as old as Goebbels … first to demonize and dehumanize, and then to destroy with full support and justification.

The government must stop this in its tracks. It must show equal concern and sensitivity to ALL sectors of society and the courts must mete out justice evenly.  If not we will be facing the one evil that Menachem Begin declared as his life’s greatest achievement in avoiding: Civil war.  Jew against Jew.

Nothing would make our Palestinian enemies happier than to see Israel at war with itself. Even happier will be the world BDS movement with its professors, student unions, trade unionists and closet Nazis all.

July 19, 2015

What's this starry-eyed Arafat fan doing in the P5+1?

I’m always suspicious about acronyms; they tend to hide a certain ugliness or deceit that lies beneath.

Take CDO and ABS which, less than 10 years ago, almost cast the entire world into financial ruin.  Those collateralised debt obligations made up of asset-backed securities were really toxic debt, sugared, perfumed and gift-wrapped into something that ‘smart’ bankers would happily trade until the music stopped.

To my mind, P5+1 is another toxic nomenclature. Only this time it’s not our money that’s at risk but the lives of our children and grandchildren, who may not live to continue paying off the can of debts we’ve kicked down to them from the CDO/ABS era.

Neville Chamberlain, at least, attached his name, his country and his photo to the disastrous deal with Hitler in 1938.

Not so with the P5+1.

So who are these characters and what are their special interests? Supposedly it’s the UN Security Council’s permanent (veto) members: America, Russia, China, Britain, France … and the plus is Germany. It would be nice to think their main motivation was stopping Iran’s nuclear bomb and cutting its funding of world terror. But as the saying goes: 'all politics is local politics' and the vested interests are clear.

For America, Kerry is there to deliver Obama’s presidential legacy and to collect his own peace prize. For Russia it’s all about helping Iran’s Al Quds force prop up their mutual client Assad in Syria not to mention the lucrative weapons trade vital to Putin’s flagging thug-conomy. China - happily untouched by Islamic terrorism - wants only to restore deliveries of Iranian crude oil. Britain will always follow America’s lead whilst France is the country which hosted Ayatollah Khomeini in exile and provided his springboard to 35 years of tyranny over the hapless Iranian people. As for Germany there are huge exports needed to pay for the crippling Eurozone bailout.

Which leaves the little girl in the picture: Federica Mogherini.

This so-called ‘High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’ seems to make it P5+2.
So who put her there?
What qualifies this slip of a political appointee to negotiate with the world’s most dangerous terror state?
Whatever the answers, it does appear that - like her 'most high' predecessor Catherine Ashton - Iran’s laughing foreign minister Zarif sees her as a pushover. When the interim agreement was signed in 2013 the FT reported that, after initially wanting to deal only with the foreign ministers, Zarif said he now wanted to deal ‘only with Ashton’.

Well, G-d help us all!

According to their Wiki pages, Ashton started out as treasurer and vice chairman of CND, the British campaign for unilateral nuclear disarmament, famous for its picketing of American air bases during the Cold War. Mogherini started out as a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation. That background may have something to do with the soft stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which Baltic leaders accused her of in opposing her 'most high' appointment. She also seems to have a fascination for Islam, which was the subject of her graduation thesis. This photo with Yasser Arafat was recently taken off her social media page. Called the MogBlog, it has been lampooned by the Italian press as the immature diaries of a teenager.

And this is what the Free World puts up to negotiate with the blood-spitting apocalyptic tyrants of our age.

It’s no wonder Netanyahu’s ex‎pression looks as dark as I’ve ever seen it. It may not be the fact of Iran’s nuclear ascendancy, nor the billions which will be released for their furtherance of world terror.

What’s gloomiest of all is this hopelessly naïve and invertebrate excuse for leadership of the Free World.

July 05, 2015

A Mountain out of a Bonehill

For weeks it was the talk of our Jewish shtetl.  
A group of neo-Nazis planned this Shabbat’s provocation in the centre of Golders Green, to protest the so-called ‘Jewification’ of the neighborhood.  Government and police seemed powerless to ban what was not to be a Skokie-style march, but a ‘static’ demonstration just within the legal limits of freedom of ex‎pression. Community rabbis were at odds in their sermons over the last two weekends; some urging large numbers to stand and be counted amongst the many anti-fascist groups whilst others asked their members to ignore the scum and honor the Shabbat instead.

The Nazi ringleader is 22-year old Joshua Bonehill who, not long out of short trousers, has already developed an aversion to Jews breathing the same air as he does.  I could understand if he felt so racially stifled living in Golders Green or the heavily black-hatted enclave of Stamford Hill where he planned his first protest. But no – he hails from Yeovil in Somerset, 130 miles away from London. I don’t know if any Jews have ever lived in that tiny Saxon parish but  it would be like an Eskimo having issues with a tribe in East Timor.

Despite all the community angst, the threat to our Shabbat and community peace was ultimately lifted by the Nazis themselves. You see they just couldn’t resist the idea of goading Jews even more, with threats to burn copies of the Talmud and by publishing the most vile posters invoking the Holocaust, gas chambers and caricatures from Der Sturmer. This led to Bonehill’s arrest days before the event and a police order moving his demo far away from Golders Green; to Whitehall in fact, just opposite Downing Street. In the end, just 20 of Bonehill’s lackeys turned up and were pilloriedby hundreds of antifascist demonstrators of every racial and cultural stripe.

The ‘Mountain’ I captioned is not all the fuss that was made in the shuls and among our community groups. Undoubtedly all of that was well-intentioned and the work of the CST and Jewish leadership was particularly commendable.

I am talking about a mountain of community strength, cohesion and solidarity. Bonehill’s threats activated, almost overnight, a ‘GoldersGreenTogether’ committee which prepared a counter-protest rally and had volunteers festooning the area in ribbons of gold and green. The entire community was ready to come out in force, united against these vile bigots.

I have a client who is a prominent and devout member of London’s Muslim community and the UK’s leading expert on Halal food. We became friendly and have often discussed Kosher and Halal issues, notably when British supermarkets were found selling horsemeat.  When I mentioned the Nazi demonstration, he immediately contacted local imams who said they would send groups of their young men to march with me down to Golders Green Station. ‘We will not allow these people to harm any Jew’ he said.

This fits with my own personal experience as a Londoner, in that the only incidents of antisemitism I have experienced have not been from Muslims, but from WASPs. It’s true that Muslims can be violent to Jews and others in society – but most of the time that is traced to incitement, which is the greatest evil we all face. 

By contrast, the anti-Semites in media, academia, NGOs and trade unions never needed any incitement.
He may be only 22 years old, but Bonehill is already a dinosaur.  Today’s anti-Semites don’t turn up with swastikas and SS motifs.  

They use Palestine.

Meanwhile for us it was, thankfully, a Shabbat Shalom.
דְּרוֹר יִקְרָא  

June 19, 2015

Let ISIS speak for Palestine

In the run-up to this weekend’s visit by French foreign minister Fabius, one of his diplomats has been warning about the dangers of inertia in the peace process saying: If the conflict remains unresolved radical groups such as Islamic State will make the Palestinian cause their own'.

Well … would this be such a bad thing?

ISIS as standard-bearer for the PLO might actually work a lot better for Israel, both in terms of its international relations and national security.

When Abbas took over as PLO chief, he was dubbed: ‘Arafat in a suit and tie’. And yet, he presides over the same machine of incitement to murder Jewish civilians, more recently by street stabbings and car rammings. His Hamas partners throw people off buildings, drag them to death through the streets tied to car fenders and force women and children into the line of Israeli anti-rocket fire.
If ISIS took over the PLO cause as their own, the world might better understand what Israel was dealing with. Not Armani suits but pure evil.

The same goes for internal security. Not long ago, the Oslo dreamers were begging to give up the Golan Heights. Many of them will still have their heads in the sand even as ISIS and Al Qaeda establish footholds along the Syrian border. With these barbarians beheading their way through Kuneitra, I doubt many foreign leaders will be expecting us to cede them any territory.

Although there are a myriad factions involved in the Middle East power struggle, it really comes down to a simple choice: good versus evil. Many in the West can’t or won’t acknowledge the good side as long as Jews are on it. So they turn a blind eye to the all the slaughter, bombing, homophobia and misogyny that’s common to all the groups from PLO and Hamas, to Hizbullah and ISIS; the only differences being management and scale.

Winning any war starts with identifying the enemy.

The ISIS flag is quite striking.

April 24, 2015

Happy 67th … but when’s the Barmitzvah ?

72 year-old Laurence Baehr recently celebrated his barmitzvah. 
The son of assimilated refugees from Nazi Germany it took him a lifetime to discover who he really was – it’s never too late.

Maybe the same should be said for Israel.
67 years ago the declaration of Israel’s independence was delayed at the last moment because of a disagreement over one word …. God.  
They settled on the word “Rock”.

A few hours later the newborn Jewish State was attacked in its cradle by five Arab armies. Its survival and deliverance from that war was the beginning of a succession of open miracles that have blessed our people for the last 66 years.

Whether it was the Six-Day-War which still defies analysis in military academies, or the Yom Kippur War’s extraordinary turnaround … or last summer’s rocket war; over 4,500 missiles fired into our tiny state in 50 days, and how many Jews were hit?

How about the so-called Arab Spring? Whilst our Arab neighbors were steeped in bloody wars and Islamist barbarism, tiny Israel went about its daily life almost as in a protective bubble. Yes, some bad things have happened inside that bubble, but consider this: whilst all this Arab and Islamist mayhem was going on around us for the last 6 months, Israelis had time only for party politics and electioneering. What a blessed life!

The upheaval in the Arab world also shut down our vital fuel supplies from Sinai pipelines which were being attacked almost on a monthly basis by insurgents. We could expect no help from the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt who was actively supporting Hamas in Gaza and turning a blind eye to their rocket smuggling. How lucky for us that Morsi was thrown out almost as suddenly as he got in?

In the end, we didn’t even need the Sinai oilfields. By some amazing coincidence, oil and gas which had been sitting off our shores for billions of years happened to be discovered just in time to insure us against these Arab stoppages and, more importantly, the worldwide sanctions now being threatened against us for simply building houses in our own homeland.

A wise man once said: Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.

It’s sad that so many secular Israelis still stubbornly rationalise God out of every scenario. They and their Darwinists, Big-Bang theorists and Humanists all seem to know so much better.  With all their brains and brilliance, they can’t bring themselves to say anything close to the Nishmat prayer we gush every Shabbat:
“Even if our mouths were as full of song as the sea, and our tongues as full of joyous song as its multitude of waves, and our lips as full of praise as the breadth of the heavens, and our eyes as brilliant as the sun and the moon, and our hands as outspread as the eagles of the sky and our feet as swift as hinds -- we still could not thank You sufficiently, HaShem our God, and God of our forefathers, and to bless Your Name for even one of the thousand thousand, thousands of thousands and myriad myriads of favors, miracles and wonders that you performed for our ancestors and for us …”   .  The prayer goes on to list all the miracles and kindnesses, like the Manna in the desert which, in the present era, we’ve now found in the sea.

Outside our little bubble of miracles, we watch the rest of the world paralysed in the face of radical and violent Islam, overwhelmed by hordes of new refugees and mired in national debt.
So - in contrast to the US Democratic Party which in 2012 removed all reference to God from its convention platform - would it be so terrible if next Independence Day the government of Israel corrected that unfortunate and ungrateful choice of words 67 years ago?  
Like for Laurence Baehr, it’s never too late to rediscover yourself.
Speaking of rocks, it seems ironic that Moses was denied entry into the Land of Israel because of an incident with a rock. The explanation at the time was that Moses did not sanctify Hashem in the presence of his people.

Well, isn’t this the same thing?
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