July 31, 2005

Why there can never be peace

Someone forwarded me an email quoting Rabbi Eliezer Shach as saying that he would give up access to the Kotel if it would save a single Jewish life. I am not sure if the quote is accurate, but here is an extract from my reply:
"What it boils down to is not this Green Line or that settlement. It's that there are still Jews who actually believe there can be peace with the Arabs. They haven't yet got the plot! So, let me set it out very clearly:

So long as a single synagogue is standing anywhere in (what bin Laden likes to call) Muhammad's Peninsula, there will be no end to this conflict. There may be pauses, interludes, hudnas, Camp Davids, River Wyes, Oslos, Madrid Summits and Road Maps ... but in the end, the powers that be (ie: Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia and, to a lesser extent, Egypt) will continue to stir this cauldron as an opiate for their masses. In the drunken stupor of hate for Israel, Saudi, Syrian, Iranian and Egyptian citizens forget that they are illiterate, homeless and starving and that their rich inheritance under the sands is being squandered for the enrichment and pleasure of their leaders. The losers will always be the Palestinian Arabs who owe their wretched lifestyle to their own brothers, not the Jews under whom they have so often flourished and would indeed flourish again without outside interference. The Russians did a similar opiate job with cheap vodka but, unlike the Arabs, Russia had Refusenik Jews amongst them who - through whistleblowing on the Helsinki Accords - starved the USSR of Western Aid and into ultimate submission. This cannot happen in Arabia so long as oil fuels Western cars and factories.

The best we Jews can do is cap all of our world-beating scientific achievements with the discovery of an alternative and cheap energy source. Something that can be converted from a readily available, plentiful, cheap and renewable resource such as water, sand, domestic waste or self-hating Jewish journalists and university professors."
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