August 19, 2005

B'tselem: Thy True Name is Kapo

B'tselem is the self-styled "Israeli Information Centre" for Human Rights in the "Occupied Territories". On a morning when thousands of homeless Jews, traumatised by their eviction from beautiful homes and communities start preparing for shabbat in tents, trailers and hostels with handouts from well-meaning volunteers, this so-called human rights organisation chooses to place the most inflammatory half-page ad in the Jerusalem Post. It decries the "suffocation of Palestinian cities" and condemns the security fence which it classifies as a "land grab". Not once do these Jews of B'tselem mention - let alone acknowledge - the pain and distress caused to their brothers and sisters and little children in these recent days of sadness and trauma. This is my message to them:

Of all the things I have seen and read in the course of the disengagement process, nothing has upset me more than your half-page ad in today's Jerusalem Post. That you Jews would place the human rights of unrepentant killers of our civilians above those of your own people is beneath contempt. These people were sworn to our liquidation long before we entered the 'West Bank' that you demand we withdraw from, and long before we needed a security fence that you demand we dismantle.

As the son of an Auschwitz survivor, I can tell you that whatever the word B'tselem is supposed to mean, your real name is Kapo. You are the true enemies of the Jewish people, more worthy of contempt than young suicide bombers. Most of them have been brainwashed in Jihadist medrassas. You have no such excuse. Your work is cold, calculating and amounts to the purest form of perfidy.

Before you preach on human rights, take a lesson from animal rights. The instinct of every living creature is to protect its young. Instead you protect the rights of those who have blown the legs off three of Noga Cohen's children, gunned down social worker Tali Hatuel with her four little girls and unborn child, killed or injured hundreds of our teenagers in restaurants and discos and blown apart parents and grandparents on buses.

How dare you presume to judge the Jews on human rights? We have had more security prisoners in our jails over a longer period than any other country. And yet we have had not so much as a whiff of abuse, let alone anything approaching the stories of Abu Ghraib. In Jenin we have, at great risk and cost in our own blood, chosen to knock on booby-trapped doors when we could so easily have carpet-bombed as the US did in Afghanistan and the EU did in Yugoslavia. Even the most expensively prepared and painstakingly rehearsed targeted killings of terrorist leaders have been aborted in the last seconds where there was a risk of collateral damage to civilians.

Which other people would do this?
Mi ke-amcha Yisrael goy echad ba-aretz?

If you are genuine in your concern for human rights, I have some useful assignments for you. Go monitor the Arabs for their butchery of 100,000 souls in Sudan where over a million non-Arabs have been driven from their homes. Find out why it seems there are more UN people in Israel, swanning around in fancy white jeeps, than in Darfur where someone dies of starvation every hour of every day. Find out why Palestinians are still living in refugee camps when they have received more foreign aid per capita than any other group since time began. By even the most simple arithmetic, each family should now be living in their own villa without a mortgage. Where has this money gone? I think I know, but perhaps you could claim some modicum of legitimacy if you found out for yourself and then exposed what is surely the grandest larceny of them all.

I don't know who funds your reprehensible program. I hope however that this message finds its way to at least some of your gullible donors and causes them to reconsider where their money could be more productively and honestly used.

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