August 18, 2005


Arriving in Israel this evening – the last day of evictions from the Gush - I was welcomed by a 5-mile tailback into Jerusalem. When my taxi finally reached the end of the bottleneck, there were hundreds of kids crowding the entrance to the eternal capital of our people. Most of them were crying. One tearful girl was holding a sign with the simple question: Lamah? (Why?)

History will judge whether Ariel Sharon was right or wrong in doing what he did last week. History in Israel runs to about a month or so. That’s as long as it will take to see the Kassams flying again and the suicide bombers moving to Phase III of their Oslo Plan to wipe our people off the face of what the Wahhabists call “Muhammad’s Peninsula”.

Their foolishness in aspiring to such goals is matched only by their illiteracy and moral corruption.

Passing all those tearful kids, I came to the conclusion that there is no way that Ariel Sharon will ever win a popular election in this country ever again. Whilst the secularist peaceniks of Ramat Aviv will have mouthed ‘good riddance’ to the settlers dragged kicking and screaming from their homes, their own teenage kids will doubtless have identified with the trauma of their peer group. Whenever the next election comes, I believe the vast majority of teenage voters will register a protest vote against Sharon whose actions last week - but moreso, the way he compromised the democratic process to do so with 1.6 billion shekels in bribes to keep his government in power - will live in infamy in the annals of Jewish history.

Read how Sharon gave Arab MK's a Veto on our Survival:
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