September 11, 2005

9/11 : A Bad Day to Bury the Holocaust

I expected lots of things from my morning newspaper on this, the fourth anniversary of 9/11. Tributes to the victims and the fire-fighters. Perhaps even news of another bin Laden outrage somewhere in the world to remind the infidels who is calling the shots.

Living in London, I have come to expect the most skewed and specious reports appearing in our news media, especially where it concerns anything to do with the Jewish nation.

But today's front page left me totally nonplussed. For today, of ALL days, plans were revealed to abolish Holocaust Memorial Day because it offends Muslims.

It took almost 50 years for Jews to install a Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain and just 4 years for Muslims to scupper it. Let’s face it; this kind of decision could hardly have been made much closer to 9/11. Few people would have cared about sensitivity to Muslim feelings in 2002 or even 2003. But in 2005? Well, by now all seems to have been conveniently forgotten.
The nation of Islam has yet to apologise convincingly for the immolation of thousands of innocent souls in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon at the hands of its Jihadist agents. And yet, barely two months after the London bombings, we fret over these people’s sensitivities in a context of mass murder?

This is one of those days I am glad my late father was spared from seeing. Had he survived beyond the age of 42 from the heart disease he contracted in Auschwitz, he would probably have been against the idea of a Holocaust Day. He never expected English people to shed tears for Jews then or in the future. All he ever wanted was for the world to know what happened to him, his parents and 6 million of his people. How supposedly civilised and educated people stood idly by as man committed the most unbelievable atrocities against fellow human beings. How, in effect, people turned into something less than animals.

Beyond the Nazi death machine, can there be any better contemporary example of sub-animal behaviour than those who calmly turned passenger planes into firebombs 4 years ago today? And anything more obscene than those of their ilk who danced in the streets in celebration of 3,000 deaths and many times that number of shattered lives of spouses and dependants?

Is not September 11th THE most appropriate day of any year to declare: We dare not ignore the lessons of history? That we can never turn a blind eye to the mass murder of innocents? That to do so will merely encourage others to do the same?

On this September 11th, Tony Blair’s advisors did just the opposite.

They sought to bury history.

And for what?

For peace (with Muslims) in our time?

Dream-on Britain!
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