November 24, 2005

Basic Instinct

Iran’s Hizbullah proxies trained for months to perfect the snatch operation. Kidnap Israeli soldiers from the disputed Har Dov region and parade them in Beirut. To create a smokescreen, the terrorists in control of Lebanon’s border with Israel unleashed a 5-hour barrage of mortars and missiles, forcing Israeli townspeople into shelters for the first time since Ehud Barak’s ignominious surrender of the buffer zone.

But, for all the careful planning, Hizbullah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah had not reckoned for Psalms 121. “Behold, the Keeper of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers”. The Keeper’s agent that day was a 20-year old rookie soldier, just out of basic training, named David Markovitch. Spotting the would-be abductors on their motorbikes he shot and killed four of them single-handedly, instantly scuttling their heinous operation.

As Condoleeza Rice bullies Israel into ever more dangerous concessions and our weak-kneed leaders allow us to be pushed ever closer to the sea, we are thankful for boys like David who stand “Al Mishmar Artzeinu” (on guard of our land) and who need no more than a split-second to instinctively recognise a mortal threat and to neutralise it.

Oslos, Wyes and Road Maps will come and go. But, as Yitzchak Shamir used to say: “The Arabs will still be the same Arabs”. Incited by tyrants who want to wipe us off the map, brainwashed by clerics in their pursuit of holy war and financed by oil sheikhs who need to keep the blood flowing to keep themselves in power.

For these Palestinian puppeteers, the peace process is nothing more than a Trojan Horse, a means of bringing the knife close enough to the Jewish jugular to deliver the mortal wound. And they really believe they can do it! What better encouragement can they have than Barak’s retreat in the North, Sharon’s retreat in the South and his widely-tipped retreat in the East from Judea and Samaria after the elections.

These leaders have much to learn from 20-year old David.
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