December 31, 2005

Pre-emptive Surrender

Come and meet our new neighbours, the masked men of Hamas. Not just Gaza turned into Hamastan as we all expected after disengagement. But Hamas legally taking over control of the PA, which is effectively the government in waiting for the State of Palestine. According to all the polls, Hamas will oust Abbas and his Fatah party from control of the PA at the forthcoming election. According to the Jerusalem Post, Dov Weisglass, is reportedly working with top brass on "a policy for Israeli relations with a Hamas controlled PA". Weisglass is Sharon's lawyer and closest advisor. It is he that conducts 99% of Israel's contacts with the White House. He was the guy who offered disengagement when the Road Map got bogged down. Bush didn't ask for it and was reportedly surprised when this 'free surrender without obligation' offer was made. Israel used to be renowned for surprise pre-emptive strikes at its enemies. Most of the time this yielded us more territorial depth and the enhanced security that came with it. Now that we have prefected the new skills of pre-emptive surrender, it will be interesting to see how Weisglass deals with a Hamas-run PA. So far we haven't heard any Western leaders insisting that we have to deal with Hamas as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people. But you can be sure Dubi Weisglass will come up with something pre-emptive and totally unsolicited. Something not least to please his friend Condi.
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