December 11, 2005

Wake-Up Call

I was awoken at 6 am by the sound of a boom. At first I thought a plane had crashed on the approach into Heathrow. I waited for the sound of sirens. None came, so I turned over to get back to sleep. But just moments later my cellphone rang. It was my cousin on his drive to work in Tel Aviv asking: "Was it a terrorist attack?"
Turns out to have been an explosion at the UK's 5th largest fuel terminal 20 miles north of my home. Burning over 7 million gallons of gasoline, it was soon confirmed as the biggest fire in Europe since the war.
Miraculously no-one was killed.
I ask myself: How is that possible?
The only explanation is that there were no security guards on the premises.
Anyone stationed at the gate would have been vaporized.
Meaning the place was wide open to a terrorist attack.
Is there anyone in charge of Homeland Security in the UK?
If so, they had better take note.
If the bang was loud enough to wake thousands of Londoners, it may also have roused the sleepers of Al Qaeda.
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