January 11, 2006

Bigotry from the Land of Oz

The great thing about the Internet is that you may be searching for one thing and then find yourself in a whole new world: sometimes it turns out to be a very ugly world.

In the continuing saga of the Samarian tree libel, Meretz founder Ran Cohen called for the Jewish settlers – whose guilt has yet to be established - to be ambushed and shot in the legs. I am sure all decent people would be appalled at such an egregious call by a member of our parliament. However, when he failed to withdraw the statement, I thought I might see whether Mr Cohen had the same uncompromising views about Arabs. After all, if vandalising an olive tree merits having your legs shot off, what summary judgment may we expect him to demand of an Al Aksa Brigades suicide bomber who has blown away 20 lives in a restaurant or bus?

Well, I didn’t readily find what I was looking for. Other than a quote by Cohen that Charedi Jews are like a swarm of black ants. But within a few clicks of the mouse I came across a media watch site on which the true ugliness of intellectual Jewish self-hatred is exposed.

Not just ants, but: dogs, "tied up in the yard and barking Psalms all night long", "black forces" and "soul snatchers", "the most obscurantist and ugly phenomena of our time, bloodsuckers...snakes...suckling from the most darkest urges that the Nazi horror suckled from. They are greedy, domineering, evil and primitive, immoral, parasitical and power-hungry". All these statements by leading writers and educators of our enlightened left.

Just like the destruction of Katif, we destroy ourselves so much better than our enemies.

As for our Samarian tree-pruners, they can take some comfort in that not all leftists are out to kneecap them. Amos Oz, the much-feted icon of Israeli literature, is content to use words instead of bullets. In an article in Yediot Achronot Oz describes settlers as: "a messianic junta, insular and cruel, a bunch of armed gangsters, criminals against humanity, sadists, pogromists and murderers, that exited out from some dark corner of Judaism...from out of cellars of bestiality and defilement...in order to cause a thirsty and insane blood worship to rule."

this stuff in all its ugliness.
Then pray for our people.
Iranian nukes may be the least of our problems.

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