February 22, 2006

Electing our Enemies

Ehud Olmert is dithering over his approach to Hamas.
It is only a question of time before the Americans take their usual cue.
If you’re prepared to live with them, heck! Why should we put up a fuss?
Remember, the Gaza withdrawal was our own strategy, not something that was forced upon us.
Now we are paying the price in facing a terrorist neighbour emboldened by our flight from Lebanon and Gaza.

But it is worth remembering how we got into this.
Without Arafat and his 2nd Intifada, Sharon would never have been elected.
Without Sharon and his withdrawals, Hamas would never have been elected.
Arafat elected Sharon. Sharon Elected Hamas.
The fact that it is so quiet in our streets, cafes and buses means Hamas is clearly out to get Olmert and Kadima elected.

As this process evolves, one wonders: Who will Olmert elect with his further withdrawals?

The wolf is at the door. If the electorate does not wake up soon to the reality of what is happening, they may expect a very rude awakening when the army comes calling for their help to defend our people again, in their 6th war of survival in as many decades.

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