February 01, 2006

No Sacrifice

Letter to the London Daily Telegraph
re: the death of the 100th British soldier in Iraq.

Sir: Your dramatic front page headlined ‘Sacrifice’ was a waste of an opportunity. That word implies waste and seems to pander to the so-called pacifists who demonstrate against the war with placards saying: NOT IN OUR NAME. Such people still refuse to acknowledge that Iraq is the front line in the war on terror and that it is better that the battle is fought there than in our streets and tube tunnels. Better that trained and armed troops should be in the front line than our innocent office workers, women and children. Those who opposed our entry into Iraq were presumably content to see Saddam’s tyranny continue with civilians tossed live into tree shredders. Just as those who opposed Churchill were content to see my grandparents and millions like them gassed and burned in Auschwitz.
No sir.
Now as then, the correct word is Valour!

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