February 20, 2006

To The Occupier

I received a letter at home today. It was addressed to “The Occupier”.

We’ve all had those kinds of letters before, and we probably all do the same thing with them.
They usually come from real estate brokers wanting to earn a fat commission by persuading us to part with our homes.

I was about to chuck the unopened letter in the bin when I got to thinking.
These real estate brokers are not the only ones who refer to us as “The Occupier” and want us to part with our property.

So do the Arabs.

So, I ask myself: What would it take for me to read such a letter, rather than to bin it?
Well, it would help if it were addressed to me by name.
That someone had taken the trouble to check rightful ownership at the Land Registry.
Then I would read it.
I might take it more seriously.
It might be something important.

So, the message to our Arab neighbours should be:
Stop referring to us as “The Occupier”.
Or even “The Entity”.

If you want us to listen to what you have to say, call us by our name.
The sovereign and eternal State of Israel.

Then you might get some kind of response.
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