February 19, 2006

Wageless in Gaza

The PA seems to be running out of money. There are riots in the streets of Gaza about unpaid wages. America has asked for the return of $50 million it gifted to Abbas to build his new state. One would hope the EU would follow suit but somehow I doubt it. The EU’s auditors haven’t been able to sign off accounts for more than a decade, so they probably haven’t got a clue what millions they gave and to whom.

However, the bleeding heart liberals in Europe - and no less in Israel’s Meretz, Labor and Kadima ranks – will no doubt be wringing their hands on the deprivations which will be faced by poor Palestinian kids whose parents just voted in the world’s first Terror Democracy.

Well, I am here to tell them: don’t worry. Uncle Ahmadinejad in Tehran has enough money to take care of all their needs. In control of the world’s second largest oil reserves he has an income stream of around $40 billion a year. That’s enough to buy all the help he needs from Putin and Chirac to build as many nuclear weapons as he likes and keep the money flowing to Hamas and Hizbullah and keep the Palestinian households fed and clothed so that their kids don’t miss a single lesson in Jihad 101 at the local medrassas. Not much of that $40 billion is frittered away on domestic needs; the Islamic Republic of Iran is content to keep its own people well below the poverty line as they have always been since the fall of the Shah.

But, in case those liberals cry: “Yes, but we want them to feel we are helping them as well!” I say, don’t worry. You will always be helping by filling up your cars at the pump. Every time you fill up with Iranian gas, you will be helping the Palestinian people. And also Hamas, Hizbullah, Al-Aksa’s Martyrs, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP, Jemaa al-Islamiyya, the Mujaheddin Khalk and all the would-be destroyers of Israel and, soon after, the free world

There’s plenty to go around. But if any Palestinian family is short of some ready cash, they can always call Suha Arafat in Paris. I have a feeling her wage payments have not been interrupted by this latest crisis in the PA.

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