February 09, 2006

Who governs Israel ?

Q: Who governs Israel today?
A: Kadima.
A party that has never been elected.
Q: Who is Prime Minister?
A: Ehud Olmert.
A prime minister who has never been elected.
Q: By what right does he rule?
A: As deputy to Ariel Sharon.
A prime minister who WAS elected.
But on a platform that he immediately abandoned.
In favour of the programme of his opponent.
Who was roundly defeated at the polls.
A prime minister who said he would accept the will of a people’s referendum.
And then reneged when that poll went against him.
And sacked any minister that opposed his abrogation of the election manifesto.

For over 50 years, Israel has claimed to be the only democracy in the Middle East.
Right now, we don’t measure up very well against Somalia.

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