March 12, 2006

Evil Empire II

Here’s a rare glimpse into the evil empire of Iran where a group of women gathered last Wednesday to mark International Women’s Day.

It started off as a peaceful meeting. But in this secretly filmed clip, you can see one of Ahmadinejad’s bearded enforcers- in traditional open necked shirt - giving his Sharia troopers their orders to attack the women.

The next clip shows the shock troopers of the Islamic revolution chasing the terrified women through the streets under a hail of flying batons.

The scenes are reminiscent of the darkest days of Soviet Russia before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ronald Reagan brought that down all by himself with US trade sanctions. He didn’t wait for the UN or the EU.

Bush can do the same with Iran, which imports 16 million dollars worth of US goods and technology against only half as much in annual exports, mainly of oil. Iran needs the US and western goods more than we need their crude. Let’s cut them off now. The results may be surprising.

I’m not saying they will dump their nukes right away. But they might stop beating up their women.

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