March 16, 2006

Life and Death

Whatever the daily death toll in Iraq, Israel remains the true front line in the world war of global Jihad. Each morning my first instinct is to go online and check if Israel has had a peaceful night. Often the news reports I see are less remarkable by their content than they are so incredibly telling in the stark contrast between stories of us and them.

Today is a perfect example.

The good news is that a new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases has been discovered by a Jewish professor at the Weizmann Institute and is being tested in Ben Gurion University in Beeersheva. Read the story.

The bad news is that our so-called peace partners in the Palestinian Authority have conferred highest honours on the killers of our Jewish women and children.

As you read the horrific account of their heinous killings you realise that what lies beneath all these troubles is demonstrated by the stark contrast between today’s two stories.

Bin Laden summed it up rather well: “They love life …. We love death … That is the difference between our peoples.”

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