March 08, 2006

Mel Brooks & Kadima

This week we finally see Kadima’s tough strategy of dealing with the enemies of Israel.

(In case you didn’t know who they were, it’s the guys who have not stopped launching Kassams into our towns and whose understanding of the term ‘cease-fire’ means knife attacks are okay.)

Olmert is getting tough and is playing for keeps. If Hamas does not renounce terror against our people, his Kadima government will take action on the ground and start breaking bones.

Only trouble is, the action on the ground will be our withdrawal from most of Samaria, and it will be for keeps. The only bones that will be broken will be those of our - predominantly religious - brothers and sisters as they were brutalised at Amona.

This farce reminds me of a scene from Mel Brooks’ comedy western Blazing Saddles. To escape from a lynch mob, the black cowboy pulls his own gun on himself and warns:
“If anyone moves, he gets it!” He being himself.

Isn’t that exactly what Olmert is saying to the Arab lynch mob?
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