March 06, 2006

Police Priorities

This London Jewish newspaper reports an incident in which three Asian youths jump out of a car in a Hendon street and start beating Jewish schoolboys with baseball bats. A totally unprovoked attack no doubt incited by the hate-filled rantings of their spiritual leaders.

The paper asks: Where’s our protection?

The answer: It is supposed to be provided by London’s Metropolitan Police.

So, if the police are not doing their job in rounding up these local Jihadist thugs and protecting our kids, who can you complain to?

None other than Mayor Ken Livingstone: Islam’s poster-boy in Europe and the man in overall control of London’s police service through its controlling body, the MP Authority.

For the kind of protection we can expect from Ken, I think our boys are better off packing their own baseball bats.

Besides, London’s police have been far too busy dealing with real crime over the last two weeks; confiscating golliwog dolls from local shop windows in case they cause offence to black people.

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