March 27, 2006

Poll Fiction

It’s just 48 hours to the election but, according to TV’s Channel 10, a quarter of Israelis have yet to make up their minds who to vote for. Amazing therefore that the pollsters seem to know exactly who these people are going to vote for – within the usual 2% margin for error.

In truth, the pollsters haven’t a clue.
And whilst the Arab-loving peaceniks of Ramat Aviv may not have made their minds up whether to vote for Kadima, Labour or Meretz - or whether to vote at all - there is not a single Yesha voter in doubt about who he or she will be voting for. And they will brave rain and rockets to make it to the polling booths.

There will be no voter apathy amongst those who have been brutalised by Olmert and betrayed by Sharon. The settlers will vote against the surrender of our homeland with the same single-mindedness as our so-called peace partners voted in Hamas on a platform to destroy our people.

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