March 28, 2006

Shinui and Sinaa

We are told that the destruction of second temple and our current exile were caused by baseless hatred between Jews. There can be few better examples of baseless hatred between Jews in our generation than this election clip run by Shinui.

Without wishing to detract from its being thoroughly objectionable as a whole concept, the most distasteful part is the appearance of Orthodox Jews disappearing in a puff of smoke. Not once, but several times.

Ironic that such an insensitive stunt should have been staged by a party brought to prominence by Yosef Lapid, a survivor of the Holocaust.

His father and grandmother were not so fortunate. They were burned by the Nazis.

The only grace is that they were spared seeing the hatred and insensitivity that their son would spawn in the freedom of a homeland they never lived to see.
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