March 01, 2006

Who Said It ?

"With the help of the Almighty, Asaloom Aleikem
Leaders of Hamas, upon your elevation to the position of official representatives of the entire Palestinian people, we offer our blessing and a prayer to the Almighty:
MAY the Almighty guide you and bestow upon you His wisdom to enable you to lead the Palestinian nation according to His will.
MAY the Almighty unite the hearts of the Palestinian people to accept and embrace your leadership with love and good will.
MAY it be the will of the Almighty that we should merit to see the peaceful and speedy dismantlement of the Zionist entity - the state of “Israel” and the transformation of rule over the entire Holy Land, including of course Al-Quds, to its proper rulers, the Palestinian people."

Is this a message from Al Qaeda?
Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood?
Or maybe the Iranian ayatollahs?
Actually, it’s none of the above.
It’s Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss of the
Neturei Karta.
These are the people who took a $55,000 bribe from Arafat in early 2002 to betray their own people.
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