June 22, 2006

War, by any other name

It's not yet the end of June. But so far this month, no less than 176 Kassam missiles have been launched into Israel. By any normal standards, one tenth of such conduct would be defined as an act of war. Bush and Blair instinctively knew when they were at war. But not our Olmert.

What needs to happen for Kadima to accept reality? Are they waiting for a direct hit on a kindergarten in Sderot?

Targeted killings are what we are obliged to do in peacetime. (Or at least what goes for peace in the land of Israel.)

War means going into enemy territory and wiping out the threat.

The Army needs to re-occupy Gaza up to a depth that matches the current range of the PA's Kassam missiles. Each time the terrorists increase their range, we must increase the depth of re-occupation. Every step forward in killing technology must cost our 'peace partners' another few dunams of territory.

That is the surest way of stopping the Kassam onslaught.
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