July 06, 2006

Day 11

Olmert complains that the two new Kassam hits on Ashkelon represent a ‘major escalation’ by Hamas.

He may not know it, but that it exactly what was intended by Hamas.
Major escalation of terror against Israel.
They want us out. Totally out.
It seems the man still doesn’t understand that simple truism.

And if missiles can be fired at one of our largest cities whilst we are on a war footing in Gaza,
G-d only knows what we can expect when the IDF retreats from Gaza as Olmert has already promised (in advance) and seems to repeat every day.

Olmert, by any standards, is a moderate.
And when you elect a moderate, you can expect moderation.
That means indecisiveness, prevarication and hesitation.
That’s exactly what the PA has in Mahmoud Abbas.
And look where he got them.
A man afraid of his own shadow!

We have truly brought ourselves down to their level in ‘official’ government.
But, our ‘right wing’ and Yesha settler groups, are mirrored in their Hamas and Hezbullah.
At least those opposing sides are clear in their aims and goals:

Hamas to wipe Israel off the map.
Yesha to reclaim biblical Israel.

Yesha is prepared to live with peace-loving Arabs side by side and have proved their ability to do so.

By contrast, Hamas and its ilk can never be trusted to lie down with the lamb.
It is clear that their lust for Jewish blood cannot be sated.

So, 11 days into the captivity of 19-year old Gideon Shalit, we still wait for Olmert to wake up to the clear and present danger facing the state of Israel.

What would his friend Bush have done with the equivalent of Kassam strikes on New Jersey?
Show restraint? Turn the other cheek? Offer confidence building measures? Look to the corrupt governments of Egypt and Syria for diplomatic solutions?

I guess we must be thankful that Olmert has been tested on a relatively tepid crisis.
I shudder to think what might have happened had such a man – or mouse – been in charge in ’67 or ’93. Or G-d forbid the next surprise attack by our neighbours.

Prime ministers like Ehud Olmert, it would seem, are the best promoters of military coups.

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