July 23, 2006

Deploying the Patriots

Under a hail of missiles from our 'peace partners' in the North, many of Israel's enlightened journalists of the left have run for cover.

But this has not stopped Jews in the diaspora from self-righteously protesting Israel's disproportionate action in Lebanon. From the publishers of the New York Times down to the new group that calls itself: Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Such Jews don't seem to realise that they are digging their own graves. The parents or grandparents that they lost in the Holocaust were dragged out of their fancy offices, universities and homes in Europe and thrown into the same cattle-trucks and gas chambers as their less enlightened and traditional Jewish brothers and sisters.

There was no Israel to escape to then.

There is now.

And, to keep it that way, Patriot missiles are not enough.

We need Jewish patriots.
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