July 06, 2006

The Rainforest of Civilisation

I have always regarded the Jewish nation as the rainforest of civilisation.
The world stands idly by whilst it is systematically destroyed.
And with it, the God-given cures for most of the worlds ills.

Here is just one recent example of this truism:

Researchers from Israel's Institute of Evolution have identified a gene that could revolutionize agriculture and help alleviate world hunger. Discovered in fungi at the bottom of The Dead Sea - the saltiest body of water in the world - the gene enables plants to withstand salinity. Institute director Eviatar Nevo's team has shown that when the gene is transplanted into brewer's yeast, it enables the yeast to grow in saline earth as well, a development that could mean that much more land worldwide can be used in the future for agriculture.
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