August 31, 2006

Iran's Incubator

Today was the deadline for Iran.
To stop developing the means of mass destruction.
Or rather, the means to blackmail the free world into submission to the will of the leaders, funders and facilitators of Islamic fundamentalist terror in the world.

The people who make us take our shoes off before boarding airplanes.
Who put us in fear of our lives whenever we embark on any form of public transport.

And Iran has given us all the finger.
And the Western powers - certainly the EU - will accommodate that finger.
At best, we can expect some wishy-washy agreement on sanctions that will affect Iran no more than a pinprick.

You may ask: who is to blame for this situation?
Most would say: Ahmadinejad. Without him there would be no nuclear designs on the West.

Some would say: Go back a step. Without Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran would still be pro-Western under the rule of the Shah's Pahlavi dynasty.

Others would ask: Well, where did Khomeni spring from?
The answer: France.

It is France which gave Khomeini sanctuary after he was expelled by Saddam from Iraq to which he had fled after denouncing the Shah's rule in Iran.

Much as I would just love to blame the French for being the incubator of Islamic fundamentalism and global terror, there is a story which redeems them.

Turns out that the head of their secret service, Andre de Marenches, offered the Shah a convenient accident for Khomeini in France. The Shah declined this offer, fearing that this would turn Khomeini into a martyr.

This has to go down as one of the worst mistakes in history!

For the want of a celebrity traffic accident - for which Paris has since established quite a reputation - the entire world is put at risk of terror at the least and nuclear destruction at worst.

This is the same story as King Saul who defied G-d's commandment in sparing the life of his prisoner, Agag. As a result, the Jewish people have had to struggle through generations of genocidal risk at the hands of Amalek and all of his ideological descendants, down to Haman, Hitler, Hussein and now Ahmadinejad.

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