August 15, 2006

Letter to Haaretz Editor

To David Landau
Editor: Haaretz

Dear David:

I haven’t much time for Ehud Olmert, but for all the scorn he is about to face over his leadership in this war and the loss of our precious youngsters, my finger points firmly at you and your fellow editors of the so-called ‘thinking man’s press’.

In bending over backwards to air liberal opinions, you have left no space for the Pravda: the truth. You have forsaken the prime calling of a journalist: to probe and inquire. To cast light into the dark corners of political corruption and to expose those in whom the citizens’ trust would be misplaced.

Instead you have signally failed in this duty. In particular by allowing Ariel Sharon a trouble-free election run to lead this nation over a precipice which – only by the grace of G-d – has been stopped at the last moment. Had Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping not precipitated this conflagration, Hizballa’s blitzkrieg would most likely have taken place after Kadima’s handover of Judea and Samaria with devastating consequences. How long do you think Ben Gurion’s new airport would have lasted within a 6km missile range?

It is time to review your editorial policy. Israel has more than enough demonizers and self-hating Jewish pundits in the outside world without paying for more in newspaper subscriptions. It is time you started flying the flag like the rest of us.
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