August 27, 2006

Time is a Wasting

Time is a wasting.

Olmert and his motley crew should have been out by now.
But he is playing for time, prevaricating on the make-up of the enquiry commission.

Netanyahu and Lieberman of the Right should not make the same mistakes with Kadima as Olmert made with Nasrallah. They must now mobilise all forces, without mercy, to oust Kadima in the Knesset.

Just as Nasrallah kidnapped our young heroes, Kadima kidnapped the security of our state in its blind adherence to the principles of surrender for peace. There is no peace. There will never be peace.

Even if the Palestinian Arabs will it with all their hearts, the Jihadists in Iran and Arabia will never ever permit a peace treaty with Israel. That is implicit in their mission to totally subjugate the Infidels to the will of their God and their prophet. It is also the means of their survival as despotic leaders for as long as the conflict can be stoked and Israel cast as the external enemy.

A faraway conflict far more important than stable homes and education for Palestinian kids, more important than jobs for Iranian school-leavers, more important than womens’ rights in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Why do our leaders and leader-writers not understand this?

Israel is not Ireland.
The Koran is no Blarney Stone.
It is their law.
Their abiding belief.

Time is a wasting.
The infamous administration of Kadima must be brought down in the Knesset – and as soon as possible.
Commissions and tribunals may follow.
But, for now, the people’s Knesset must rid us of this rotten, incompetent and corrupt leadership.

Let Olmert smoke his Havanas in opposition.

Israel needs strong and brave leadership committed to the secure future of our nation in the fullness of its homeland.

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