September 25, 2006

The Freedom to be Absurd

Today is a day of two absurdities.

In Britain, newspapers revealed that the Commissioner of Police intends to tip off Muslim leaders in advance of anti-terror raids on homes in their community. This is to prevent a backlash if someone’s rights are abused.

Meanwhile in Israel Arutz Sheva broke the story of a Jew who was arrested for blowing a shofar at the Western Wall on Rosh Hashana.

In the era of Islamic terror, what is security if not the ability to raid suspect premises without warning?

And, in the era of our renaissance from the ashes of a genocidal holocaust, what is a Jewish soul if it cannot pray at the only surviving remnant of our holy temple? A few rows of bricks beneath a Temple Mount swe have allowed Islam to continue to dominate under our sovereign protection.

Both events of absurdity have one thing in common.

Political correctness gone mad.

The terrorist being tipped off at the expense of the terrorised.

The Jew prevented from demonstrating his faith in his own homeland.

Bush and Blair say freedom is at risk from Islamic terrorism.

The truth, it seems to me, is that Islamic terrorism exists because of freedom.

And it will continue to thrive in its deadly mission so long as our freedoms allow it.

The killers of 9-11 exploited America’s freedoms to enter the land of the free, secure an apartment, get an education and take one-way flying lessons. The Islamists in Europe continue to exploit Western freedoms to infiltrate and undermine society for their own sinister purposes. By these freedoms they receive visas, claim political asylum, collect welfare and housing benefits and – most of all – assert their inalienable rights in all things.

Like the right to demonstrate against their host nation. To attack its Christian values. To demand the death penalty for the Pope. To wave placards warning Britain of its own 9-11.

This has to stop.

In Britain and in Israel.

It’s time the little people woke up and spoke up.

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