September 24, 2006

The Key to Karni

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni stands before the UN and asks the world to stand up to Iran.

Who is she to ask this of the world when her own discredited cabinet has so miserably failed to allow its own army to stand up to Israel’s foes in Lebanon and Gaza.

Then, of the hostages she says: "Israel will not rest until all the Israeli hostages are returned safely to the arms of their devoted families and the embrace of a loving nation. Let us all make them the same promise."

If she is speaking for her government, what does this mean? It will not rest from what?
From blaming others for Kadima’s miserable failings?
From releasing Barghouti, Kuntar and hundreds of other rabid killers?
And thereby endangering Jews everywhere as legal tender for more prisoner releases?

What did the Jewish people ever do to deserve leadership like this?
What sins did we commit for this terrible punishment?

Olmert’s uncompromising orders for the Gaza ‘red line’ prevented the IDF from rescuing Shalit in hot pursuit of his kidnappers.

After that, there was one clear and simple way to get him home.
Not by grovelling to Hamas and Hizbullah.
Not by releasing murderers that our soldiers risked their lives to capture.

By simply and firmly shutting down the Gaza crossings.
No food, no medicine, no gas … nada!

The Karni crossing should have been padlocked and the key given to Shalit’s father.

The Americans will have protested and the Europeans will have called foul.
But if we continue to run things their way, there is no future for Israel.
None whatsoever.

Had I been a spectator at the UN watching Livni and Ahmadinejad at the podium, I would have been hard-pressed to choose which represented the greater danger to the future of the Jewish state.

If ‘clear and present’ the danger has to be Livni and her utterly discredited party.

FDR was credited with the statement: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
The way I see it, Israel has nothing to fear but its own self.


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