November 10, 2006

Far to Go

In an interview with Sky News, Ehud Olmert says he has “a lot of respect for Mahmoud Abbas” and can offer him a lot. He says that whilst he is not prepared to release one single prisoner to Hamas, to Abbas he is “ready to release many”.

As if those released terrorists will enrol in the ‘Abu Mazen Reform and Rehabilitation School’ after crossing to their freedom. We all know where these people go after they are released. Right back to Israel. Whether it is a restaurant, a nightclub or just a bus stop.

"The Palestinians do not know how many prisoners could have been released, how many of their kids could have been home," he adds. Some kids!

"I am ready day and night, I am ready anytime, any place, without preconditions to sit down and talk,” says Olmert, concluding: “ He [Abbas] will be surprised how far we are prepared to go!"

Into the sea perhaps?

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